Mysterious ancient hanging coffins in southern China

In the ancient nations bo and gui in the south China Practiced a very ordinary ritual of buried deceased. The thing is that instead of ordinary burial in Earth, these nationalities practiced the so-called hanging funeral.

Mysterious Ancient Hanging Coffins in the south of China Mysterious Ancient Hanging Coffins

The usual burial ritual was distributed not only among the Chinese people of Bo and Guy, but also among many other groups in several Asian countries, such as Philippines and Indonesia.

Mysterious ancient hanging coffins, China mysterious ancient hanging coffins in China

The exact cause of such a burial is already known. It is possible that the people of Bo believes that the placement of coffins is high on the mountainside will allow the deceased easily to rise to heaven. Especially, it is impossible to exclude the practical application of burial on the rocks.

Mysterious Ancient Hanging Coffins, South China Ancient Hanging Coffins

One of the benefits of burial on the rocks is that in this way the corpses will be inaccessible to animals and hunters for jewels. Also, this method allows you to save the soil for growing food.

Ancient hanging coffins, China ancient hanging coffins in China

Mysterious ancient hanging coffins in southern China

Hanging coffins can still be seen in Central and South China, especially in the distant valleys of the Yangtze River, which flows from Himalayas to the east coast of China. However, the oldest coffins for over 3000 years have been found in the eastern province of Fujian.

Ancient hanging coffins, south of China

Coffins are different forms, but, mostly, they are cut out of one piece of wood, usually from the hollow barrel. Coffins lie either on cantilever beams, or on beams, sandwiched between clefts high on vertical edges of the mountains.

Ancient hanging coffins in the south of China Hanging Coffins

How do people managed to raise heavy coffins on the rocks, remains a mystery. Those coffins that are located near the vertices of the cliff were probably omitted from above, and those closer to the base of the rock were most likely raised with stairs. The presence of numerous recesses cut into a rock in many places suggests that people used special scaffolding.

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