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For the first time, the word "Mysteriya" I met in the Poem Vladimir Mayakovsky "Mystery-Buff" when he studied at school. Later, I learned that Mysteries (from the Greek – "Mystery, Secret Sacredness") is a worship service, a set of secret cult events dedicated to the deities, to participate in which only dedicated to; Often they were theatrical representations.

When last year I wandered in Greece, then the feeling was like, as if traveling in time. I seemed to pass through the millennium of Oracle in Delfa, sitting in the epidavr theater, visiting the Acropolis and Ancient Mix. It seemed that time stopped … Wanting to touch the wisdom of the ancients, I felt my grace, moving around thousands of thousands, who once saw the mystery taking place here.

Mysteries originated about 1500 years before our era in the Miking Epoch of Greek Civilization. They were celebrated annually for two thousand years. The prerequisite for admission to Mysteries was not involved in the murder and ownership of Greek; Also, women and some slaves were allowed to participate.

Separate types of mysteries called "Holidays" in the Greeks, or the initiatives of the Romans, indicate the presence of higher religious knowledge and updates through it, as well as strong excitation or ecstasics in the Mysterymen.

The priests kept secret from the uninitiated trees and cult action. Therefore, now we can only guess the authentic content of the Mysteries.

Preliminary dedication to the Mystery, who made member by Mist, and the final contemplation of the Mystery, who made it epopte ("contemplative").

The rite of initiation (initiation) united a person with God, including immortality and possession of the Divine Power in the Twistful World.

The appointment of priests was to chant in the abyss of the sorry of human life, the enthusiasm of heavenly stay and indicate the means how to find the way to heaven.

Greek Mysteries originated from the Mystery of the Egyptian. In time immemorial, one of the Greek colonies that moved from Egypt, brought with her a quiet bay of Eleusisa a cult of Great Isis, under the name of Demeter or Universal Mother.

Eleusis’s priests owned an esoteric doctrine that came to them from Egypt; But over the centuries, they decorated it with all charm of beautiful and plastic mythology. With thin and deep art, they knew how to use earthly passions to express the heavenly ideas.

In addition to Eleusinsky, there were still self-defraquist, Cretan, orphic Mysteries (named so in honor of the Orpheus – the Prophet of God Dionysis).

The most famous Eleusinsky Mysteries. They were rites of initiating in cults goddesses of fertility Demeters and Persephone, which were held annually in Eleusin (settlement 22 km from Athens) in ancient Greece.

Eleusinsky Mysteries reproduced the return of Persephone from the Underground World, just as annually in the spring, the seeds abandoned in the land in the land, being a symbol of resurrection from the dead.

The myth states that the daughter of the Dememera Persephone was kidnapped by Gades, the God of the Underground World. Demeter, which is the goddess of life and fertility, after kidnapping daughter went searching for. Having learned from Helios about her fate, Demeter retired to Eleusin and gave an oath that until her daughter was returning to her, no sprout breaks out of the ground. Concerned Zeus’s crowns ordered Brother Gades to return Persephone. After the return of the daughter of Demeter allowed the earth to bloom and on joys opened his sacred rites and mystery to the king. But since Gades gave me to eat Persephone before leaving the underground world of grenade, so that she returned to him, the demeter’s daughter could not stay with her mother. The gods came to the agreement that Persephone will live in the upper world for two thirds of the year, and the remaining time will dedicate himself to the underground lord.

In its deepest sense, this myth represents a symbolically history of the soul, her convergence into matter, her suffering in the darkness of oblivion, and then – its ascension and return to Divine Life. In other words, this is the drama of the fall and redemption in her Hellenic form.

Mysteries were the divine drama of the soul, complementing and explaining the earthly drama of a person. The mystery of life was explained or as a redemption, or as exile.

After the horrors of death, the hope of liberation and heavenly joy, and from the open door of the temple, the chants of jubilant and light waves of the wonderful otherworldly.

In the ecstasy of Mysteries, everyone sees the soul of another to the very depths. Mystery Revelations Announced ********************, the superhuman world came down in the heart of dedicated. It seemed that life was defeated, the soul became free, and the heavy circle of existence came to its completion.

Regarding the essence of the Mysteries there are several views. Some argue that dedicated to the contemplation of the sacred subjects were convinced of life after death. Others say that this is not enough to explain the influence and durability of the Mystery, arguing that in addition to the external contemplation, the dedicated could be under psychotropic drugs.

Some scientists believe that the effect of Eleusinsky mysteries was based on the impact on the dedicated psychotropic mixture, the admission of which was included in the ceremonial rite. The mixture allowed to plunge into the deepest mystical states. Supplement, it was a hallucinogenic psychedelic, a kindred LSD. Barley can be infected with ardines mushrooms, which contain amides of Lizerginic acid affecting the psyche.

The ceremonial of the Eleusinsky Mysteries described in detail Eduard Cure in the book "Great Deeds".

"O, striving for mysteries whose life is still darkened by the fuss of caring life, you see your own story … There was no time to live in a true life, and then attracted by spells, you fell into the abyss of earthly, enslaved flesh. Your present is no more like a fatal sleep. "

"Treppings, cry, rejoice, adore! For your spirit should penetrate the flaming area in which the Great Demiurge mixes the souls and worlds in the bowl of life. Quenching his thirst in this intoxicating bowl, all creatures forget their heavenly origin and fall into the sufferer birthday abyss. Zeus is a great demiurge. Dionysis is his son, his shown verb … "

For dedicated Dionis, he was a divine spirit, penetrating all the existence, a shower converter, an intermediary between heaven and earth.

"We are dedicated to carry our tears of all living things to transform them into smiles; God dies in us, in us he is resurrected … "

Personal people are confused members of Dionysus who are looking for each other, tormenting in hatred and crimes, in disasters and in love for many thousands of existences.

"After a long cycle of dark existences, you will be free from the sorrowful circle of births and connect everything as a single body and as one soul in the light of Dionysus".

"Love, because everything loves; and demons in the abnumbs and gods on the air. Love, for everything loves, but love the light, and not darkness. Remember during the goal of the goal. When the souls return to the abode of light, they carry all sins of life on their stars. And to be elamed of them, the soul must postpone the atonement and return to Earth. And only alone clean and strong enter into the abode of Dionysus ».

Dionysis was an esoteric truth, the basis and inner essence of things, open only for dedicated. He was the secrets of life, past and future existence, the relationship of the soul to the body and ****** land.

"To understand the future life and conditions of your present, you need to go through the kingdom of death; This is the test of dedicated. It is necessary to overcome the darkness to enjoy the light. Die, it is a revived!"

Alexander Men wrote: "Everything that sees, hears, touches and smells a person – manifestations of Dionysus. He will spill everywhere. The smell of a slaughterhouse and a sleepy pond, ice winds and exhausting heat, tender flowers and a disgusting spider – in everything is concluded Divine. Mind can not accept this, he condemns and approves, sorts and chooses. But what are his judgments when "Sacred madness of Vakha", caused by intoxicating dance under the blue sky or at night with the light of stars and lights, reconciles with everything! Disappears the difference between life and death. A person no longer feels sivoring from the Universe, he identified with her and then – with Dionysus ".

My good friend specialist in ancient philosophy and mythology professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University, Roman V. Svetlov believes that the essence of the Mysteries – creation myth, that is, the myth of the creation of the world!

Dionysus – God is a "martyr," his sacrifice annually recurring suffering death and resurrection is the condition of life of the whole cosmos.

Dionysus, the most "dead" God particle that creates people. He sacrifices himself.

Mystery strastoterpiya is the meaning of initiation, purification and cosmogonic sacrifice – sacrifice for the sake of the continuation of the life of the world.

The descent into hell turns into a triumph over death, "deification" of what was made the main focus of the sacrament of initiation that had to go through each dedicated.

At the end of the Orphic initiation discovered that of all the martyrs, heroes games hidden smiling and silent Demiurge – nadindividualny firstborn God Fanes.

Initiation (initiation into the mystery) was designed to appeal to the mystical union of human nature with the divine involvement initiate the heavenly world of the soul.

Plutarch wrote that the soul leaves the body, sees the terrible maze, narrow, nowhere walking trails (of fate), sees tiring monotonous rotating stars, planets, luminaries. It is only leaving behind the sky, receives certain "high society".

Ancient beliefs were based on intuition single sacred power.

Creativity was conceived by the ancient Greeks as the divine mania, a kind of recollection undifferentiated whole divine substance.

All ancient cultures agree that ecstasy and sage, to receive revelation and the work of a scribe, depicting the inspiration of truth, is a direct analogue of creative activity of the creators of the world.

Eleusinian Mysteries lasted for three centuries of Christianity in the face of the growing. Perhaps because he did not deny Jesus as the phenomenon of the divine order. However, in 392, the Roman emperor Feodosius I was a great decree closed the sanctuary in the interests of fighting paganism and the strengthening of Christianity.

Unlike Delph, the settlement of Elexina has not been preserved. Now, in this place, nothing reminds that once the great extension, the man’s soul, called for her gods and recalled her eternal homeland.

Today, only games of outer.

What is the meaning of the Mysteries today – for a modern person?

I am a supporter of an exoteric approach, that is, the openness of the secret knowledge for everyone, in the presence of its pure and strong desire.

It is important to convey to a modern person the practical meaning of an ancient teaching, which he would have been able to use in his life. Why know, if it is impossible to use?

Mysteries had not only the meaning of worship, but also the meaning of the dedication to the sacred secrets of being in order to change the consciousness of the dedicated, and therefore their behaviors.

And although a person may not be able to comprehend all the greatness of secrecy, however, the process of comprehending already changes it to be unrecognizable.

That is why I called my novel-free "wanderer" mystery.

In the process of creating a novel, I came to the conclusion that the contradiction between surrounding injustice and the need for righteousness can only be resolved on an individual level, that is, not through the creation of a perfect social device (in fact – utopias), but through personal spiritual self-improvement.

The comprehension of God may have been not only in antiquity, it is possible now.

If God is love, then you need to become love, you need to love in no way.

To comprehend God, you need to create love!

Love to create a need!

Our world is only a fragment of a big invisible world.

Between supernatural and natural there is no rigid border.

The world is supernatural correct it would be called the world of the other.

This world, seen differently – as an open mystery!

But modern man has lost the property to feel the secret.

There is a "split" of the world – as the famous German sociologist Max Weber said.

According to Kant, the person is the creature of two worlds: the natural and supernatural, the kingdom of freedom and the kingdom of nature. The very fact of the availability of freedom of choice in humans speaks of his supernatural.

Kant said you need to limit the mind to leave the place of faith. And faith, as the Apostle Paul taught, there is expecting and confidence in invisible.

So learn, il meaning we bring?

The highest achievement of our mind is to recognize the existence of the highest strength – that above our mind!

Boris Pasternak recognized the highest strength restricting the artist in his creative arbitrariness.

Creator – in essence poet!

God was a poet of heaven and land.

Friedrich Nietzsche in his work "Birth of the tragedy from the spirit of music" showed a special understanding of the Dionysian beginning.

Appeal to dedicated to the "Book of Dead" reads: "Oh, blind soul! Arming the torch of Mysteries, and in the earth’s night you will find your shiny twin, your heavenly soul. Follow this leader and will he be your genius. For he keeps the key to your existences that came and the future ".

Now we are with you in the center of Mirozdanya. What you see are – everything from the outside, like a print, like a Mercean screen, the projection of the Divine Dream!

– So. I am the center of Mirozdanya?

Il just returned to himself?

Where to me? Back? In me?

Ile this Dmitry, too, I?

Comes out i’m everywhere? Then not all?

Or maybe all this is only a movie?

Projections countless films?

Ile scenes are different performances of being?

And how much, in general, such as me?

Or maybe I have existed in the universe in the past and the future at the same time?

Il only reflect in another world?

Ile myself reflected his?

So who I am? Rather that I am? Cross Dmitriev Do not count.

Dimitri. Demetrius. or me.

I am the whole world!

And for everyone, I answer all this world.

And sacrificing himself, he only keep him.

Thanks to only the victim, your world exists.

And if not me, then the world has long been killed.

But my cape not hear Creek.

Even when I descend to the world in human doors.

I am a sacrifice, god, I king the night

I have the strength of darkness in full.

But darkness is not death, not chaos, where they suffer.

Darkness for you is what you do not distinguish.

In it the power of life, the power of light.

– Where do you go to me?

– deep into the world. In you the easiest to open.

– But maybe it can. may be? After all, space – it is angry, and not inside?

– carefully look at yourself, and you will see this world inside.

– Where do you go to me?

– In Dreams! After all, everything about what you dream is not in vain.

The dream only reflects that perfectly in us,

sincecore lives, and even with death will not die.

The whole world in you. You are part, and at the same time the world.

And everything in you. And you have everything. And at the same time you are nothing.

You are only my dream, only a thought, only a reflection of my imagination.

You are, and you do not.

– But I feel living. Ile No?

– You are me, and I am you and the world.

And you have a world, like me, where there are no you, and there is no me, but there is only a thought creative.

The world is a dream, an illusion, phantom. All Okuman for me my home.

House inside me.

– You’re going deep into yourself.

And you will see the world in the worlds, protons in atoms, and cells in bodies.

Everything is slightly, harmonious and one, and creates an excellent picture.

Mysteries in Greece - about. Crete, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists on. Crete on tourist

Here we are inside you.

You see: the same sun, the planets-electrons, and rivers, stones, and flowers ..

And that’s all, all this you.

We go in the distance, go deep into to get back to yourself.

All connected. The scale of being like floors where the first is the floor last.

And wherever dived, you will give out in yourself.

With all you are connected, you are in everything, and everything in you.

You and flower, and stone, and river.

So it was, there will be so always.

You rush to the stars, and they will meet themselves as a flower, a spring ..

Wherever penetrate – you will find yourself. After all, you all, everywhere I have.

Worlds around, you do not notice them.

Everything is connected, everything is connected to everything.

And in every way to the world, before the time it is not open.

– in yourself. And you want, in a stone, or in a flower. Maybe you want to become a rope?

– I always want to be myself. Happy to be. Search and Find.

And only love, love, love!

And it’s happiness I am ready to search throughout the Universe.

– Why search, because happiness. After all, it is in you the most. Only rejoice forever!

I need more than happiness il misfortune.

I want to comprehend the god of the universe.

– it’s in you and you yourself also god.

– I’m God? Or his creation?

– both together!

– So what am I?

– Particle of God, seeking light.

– Where to go, answer or not?!

– You yourself will find an answer in yourself.

– Or maybe there is no answer at all?

– Well, no, so there is no better or worse.

Do not hurry to live a rest of days.

After all, the meaning is the process, and not the total at all.

– Why did God created me?

– But where, where is she?

– around, only turn.

– For joy? But only?

– Probably not. But still I want to pull out the secret to know the fate.

– I do not know. But I want!

– Look at the snow that falls circling. Not in that mystery so that, circling,

– No, why! He falls because he doesn’t need sense.

You fell to the ground, and you look up.

And happiness where, the snow will tell you!

– How simple. Well, what is the meaning?

– Ask snow. Or in trees that snow is degraded.

– Why god i?

– But how to get rid of me from doubt,

That God is with me,

What about god i go.

I am looking for him, but no, I do not find!

– Leave doubts – he will hear you.

Only believe that he is always with you.

And angry, do not turn back to him.

– But I want to understand!

– I do not know. But I want!

– Live in feeling – in it Your fate that will bring it to her where.

– I do not calm down until I see,

Il clearly will not imagine why

God creates stars. Let even die,

But there is no life without mystery. "

(from my Roman-Bul "Wanderer" (Mysteria) on the site New our literature

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