Mysore (Mysore)

Mysore (Mysore) – City in India in Carnataka, located 148 km from the southwest from Bangalore. Population 799,2208 people (2001).

Mysore is connected with Bangalore Highway and Zhd Master. Intoricious transportation are serviced by buses, which, however, have not yet been supplied from the streets of Ricks and Horses.

Mysore is known as the center of thread on sandalwood and ivory, as well as the production of incense, essences, oils and silks.

Before finding a country of independence, Mysore was the capital of Maersura Magaraj, the land covering a third of the current carnatack.

Indo-Sarazinsky Palace of Magaraja, with its stained glass windows, decorative mirrors, red-made ceilings, heavy silver doors and completely wild flowers, is the main attraction of the city.

Fruit and vegetable market of Devaraja, located in the city center, one of the most bright bazaars of India.
Another interesting place is the 1000-step rise in the Hill of Chamundi, who is crowned with the Chumundes Temple. At the entrance to the ladder there is a famous 5-meter NADDI (Bull Shiva) carved from a solid stone. In October, the 10-day Dushera Festival, which ends with a delightful procession of richly decorated elephants, cavalry, and people carrying decorated images of the deity.

Mysore (Mysore)

19 km from Maysura are located Brindaban Gardens BRINDABAN GARDENS). They are called mogulic gardens. With amazing terraces, ponds, highlighted fountains at night.

You can get to Maysura by car, bus or train. There is no airport here.

Many private buses travel from Maysura to Bangalore, Bombay, Goa, Madras and Haidarabad.

On the Maysursky train station almost never happens for tickets, and trains express go four times a week in Bangalore. There is still high-speed, equipped with air conditioning Express Shatabdi, which is sent to Chennai (Madras) daily, except Tuesday.

Mysore (Mysore)

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