Myshkin – What to see in the very spiritual town on the Volga

A small town with a mischievous name is located in the Yaroslavl region on the banks of the Volga River. In the myshkin rustic and cute. Along the Volga, smiling mice are walking in sundresses and boots, and craft museums hide in houses with carved platbands. I’ll tell you the main thing that you need to know before the trip to Myshkin: what is interesting to see, where to stay and whether to go without children.


Resourceful mushkins created a humorous brand of the city actually from nothing. There is a bike for tourists, which asleep in the Myshkin land of Prince Mstislavsky wanted to bite the snake. But came running a gray mouse, waved the tail in the face of the ruler and woke him up – saved from death.

What now

5,800 people live in Liliput Myshkin. Tourism develops far from mouse steps. Guests per year is 25 times more than the residents themselves, and museums are so tight that you go out of one and immediately get into another.

How to get to Myshkin

The city is 280 km from Moscow, 80 km from Yaroslavl, 43 km from Uglich.

By car From Moscow on the highway M-8, I am moving to the coal. From there two roads: one on the bridge of the Uglich hydroelectric station, the second for ferry crossing in Korovino.

By train Go to Myshkin more difficult: 602nd "Moscow – Rybinsk" walks only on Fridays. Go out at Volga stations and transplane the bus to Myshkina.

There is no regular water service with myster. Only cruise boats go from Moscow.

More details About how to get to Myshkin, read this article on DOROGI-NE-DOROGI.Ru.

Dozen of the best museums Myshkin

In the charming city-fun on the banks of the Volga, the maximum concentration of museums per square meter.

Mouse Chambers (Mouse Palace)

Interactive Museum No. 1 for families with children. There is a funny presentation with rude dolls, which heads the mouse king. And then lead to a palace zoo behind glass, where ordinary and exotic mouses replace bears and crocodiles. This is a museum, so there are also exhibits: from traps to reproductions of monuments to rodents. Curious to listen to the role of mice in science.

  • Where: ul. Nikolskaya, D. 4.

Museum "our boots"

More than 100 years in the myshkin in production scale Wailated from felt the world’s warm shoes. In the collection of the museum there are boots for hussar and football players, with spurs and embroidered with flowers. Holly and cherish here a valet tree (guess that it grows from shoes). Learn from excursions, as fuzzy treated rheumatism and caught grooms.

  • Where: ul. Nikolskaya, D. 18A.

Museum of flax

The exposition takes only one room under the museum of boots, but here is mentally and interesting. They tell and show the entire process of production of linen fabrics: from sowing to the junction of threads in the canvas. In the center of the room, the machine is dominated, on the walls – products from flax, including our amulela dolls. Tear in the master class to learn how to make an angel doll.

  • Where: ul. Nikolskaya, D. 18A.

Museum "Melnik"

The renovated old mill belonged to the richest Myshkin merchant Timothy Chistov. Her mechanisms are well preserved. With jokes and booms, miller and Melnichikha show how the grain turned into flour. In the building live barn mice. At the end of the excursion, the figures "come to life" and begin to be photographed with everyone.

  • Where: ul. Nikolskaya, 18A.

The first 4 museum is more interesting to bypass with excursion and mouse-dance songs. To do this, look at the Myshkin Center for Tourism: all exposures under his care. The following 5 museums from the list are included in the cultural and exhibition complex "alarium" (previously Myskinsky People’s Museum).

Mouse Museum

The museum resembles a souvenir shop, in which almost 13,000 exhibits are eating.

Here you will get acquainted with mouses from all over the world, imbued in the office of the mouse king and read the books of "Gryazhny" library. The smallest mouse came from Japan, and the mouse-bell from Germany.

In a separate chest, "touching" mouse-balls are collected. They are created to touch them and mive – stress-graders.

  • Where: Nikolskaya PL., 1.

Museum of the capital Lotsmanov

Mushkin Museum of Local Lore, in which the main thing about the eight centuries of Myshkina and its inhabitants are told.

Myshkari "Rades" to the entire top Volga as Lotsmans – River Exchanges, capable of spending through stone ridges and sandy shames. See also vintage lamps, phones, furniture and collection of Kuznetsovsky porcelain.

  • Where: ul. Uglichskaya, D. 19.

Museum of Vodochnik Smirnova

For tourists 18+. In the Myshkinsky district, the genius of our vodka was born – Peter Smirnov’s peasant son.

The museum talks about the origins of our drunkenness, they read alcohol lectures on the topic of proper drinking, they play alcohol games. For example, "through the pot" – fun to treat guests that are not driving. There are several variations of programs.

  • Where: ul. Uglich, 21.

Makhaev Dvor

Having come to Mahaev the courtyard, you get in a merchant times.

On a costume excursion on the threshold, a merchant and his retinue meets: the housekeeper of Fainain, the janitor tit and his wife Glafira. If you go with a dvorem for the stove, she gave you.

The museum decorated the janitor, the apartments of the clerk and the guests, the store. In the XIX century, every twelfth resident of Myshkina was a merchant.

  • Where: ul. Ordzhonikidze, 5.

Museum of peasant architecture

The only museum of wooden architecture in the Yaroslavl region. He is dedicated to the carpentry work of Sitkays, Mushkarey and residents of neighboring counties.

Among the buildings, the Yuryev chapel stands out, which was brought from the banks of the river – the deaths of Prince Yuri Vladimir. In the saddle of the beginning of the 20th century, it emphasizes the heat of blacksmith horn. In the house of the Tkachchi, the hostess for a guest without a needle adds a rag doll.

  • Where: ul. Uglich, 21.

Next list the best private mouse museums.

Museum of live crafts

The museum is divided into zones: there is a forge and pottery. In the first guest, the blacksmith rolls the pin with a mouse head. The charm is stuck in the door jamb, so that the houses are not unclean.

In the pottery workshop, they offer to cut out a plate or pitcher out of hand. At the entrance there is a trap machine: put the coin, the mouse appears and pulls it off. Instead nothing.

  • Where: ul. Nikolskaya, D. 28.

Retro Museum Museum "Old Garage"

In the open-air garage, Auto Point Nikolai Lushin gathered Soviet and foreign cars. Everything is in a free order, without ranking on the elite class and penny options, cargo and passenger, "ours" and "their", cars and motorcycles.

In Myshkin there is another AUTOMUM "Myskinsky Self-Got" (ul. Lenin, 7), to the creation of which the author of the "old garage" also put his hand.

  • Where: ul. Karl Liebknecht, 27.

Museum-gallery of dolls and miniatures Olga Pavlycheva

Myshkin - What to see in the very spiritual town on the Volga

Museum of charm and tenderness. It seems as if you get into the world of beautiful Liliputs who love to dress up and admire.

Author of dolls – artist Olga Pavlycheva, she is the keeper of the museum and the guide. Olga with warmth tells travelers to create exhibits. In the collection there are author’s doll furniture, embroidered and picturesque paintings, clock.

The museum is in a richly decorated threaded house of the XIX century, in which there used to be a restaurant.

  • Where: ul. Ananinskaya, D. 1.

Cultural heritage of Myshkin

It is pleasant to walk and do not hurry anywhere, looking for the classic mansions of the XIX century with mezzanines and unpretentious churches. Some are recognized as cultural heritage.

Main federal doctrine

  • Serebryakov house. The merchant was a benefactor: brought the letters from St. Petersburg to the Myshinians, and did not take the money for it. Address: ul. Lenina, 7.
  • Two estates are chistovy. Timofey Vasilyevich served as the city chapter, Peter Evgenievich was his nephew. Now the main house of the estate of Pistoy-Senior (Nikolskaya, 18) occupies a detachine library. Inside the tiled stoves are preserved. 150 years ago in this mansion took the future emperor Alexander III. In the estate of Pisto-younger (ul. Karl Liebknecht, 35) Located Myshkinsky Polytechnic College.
  • Posted places. Destructive building on Ananinskaya, 3. Neither a drop does not seem to the state protected object.

There are several architectural monuments in Myshkin simpler, but with interesting stories. Protected by the regional ministry of culture.

Nikolsky Cathedral – the most ancient in Myshkin

Cathedral at Nikolskaya Square in 1766. Built a merchant Alexander Berezin. His father, a poor peasant, from hunger laid in the Myshkinsky restaurant icon Nicholas Wonderworker. Following a quarter of a century, the son of a miracle of rich, was able to buy an icon and put the church in the myshkina in gratitude. The basement has an exhibition on church secrets of the XVIII century.

On the contrary there is a house of reception, in which the modest museum of family collections works "Orthodox Myskin", It is also known as the Kurov Center or the Nikola Museum.

Assumption Cathedral – the brainchild of the architect Giovanni Manfrini

Temple is called folk, because they built him all the inhabitants. At the beginning of the XIX century, only 850 people lived in Myshkin. Even children participated. The boys dragged the stones, and the girls got up in a chain from the Volga with scarves in her hands and slept each other. Erected church 24 years.

Now this is the second largest cathedral in the Yaroslavl region. Be sure to raise the bell tower.

Mansions along Uglichskaya

On the street Uglichskaya, three more houses-monuments are adjacent: rich merchants of the suggested (No. 26), Litvinova (No. 24), Zemskaya Power (No. 11). In architectural plan nothing distinguished.

The house of the suggested in two floors, over the windows of the second distinguishability of stucco. About the merchant you need to know that the streets of Lower Mishkina. Litvinov House – one-story, monumental. The merchant loved techno-novelties and first spent the phone not only home, but also in the shop: to call his wife and cope with the affairs.

In the mansion on Uglichskaya, 11 were created by the history of Myshkin: there was Zemskaya Godbrok, the noble assembly, the county treasury. And under the roof of mezzanine from 1838, local weather forecasters were sitting and watched the weather. Now the cousin of Fyodor Tyutcheva settled in the building and opened the Academy of Localia – "Tyutchevsky House".

What else to see in Myshkin

In Myshkin, beautiful promenade: thoughtful, well-maintained, from different levels of a mighty Volga opens in a new way. On the slide there is a rotunda with an acoustic effect in which he fun to photograph and sing.

Residents are proud of the victory memorial with eternal fire and the monument to the soldier-liberator. On the granite slab, touching lines from the letters of the inhabitant of Myshkin, who died near Stalingrad, his wife and five children.

In the art gallery on ul. Karl Liebknecht, 19 SUBJECT "Golden Fund" of painting of a Honored Artist of Russia German Tatarinov and other Myshkin painters.

I recommend going to B Museum of provincial seal, Outdoor on-site typography at the address: Uglich, 17. Learn what linotype is, you will see a crucible printing machine and understand why you need a tycal machine. The museum has a photo laboratory of the beginning of the 20th century.

Where to stay in Myshkin

Myshkin is very popular with family tourists and excursion groups. Often in hotels there is no free numbers, so book better in advance. Searching available rooms and compare prices on different booking sites Conveniently through the Hotellook app: Android, iOS.

"Cat house" – in our style

Where to ride the attractions in Moscow – 6 best parks

Cute hotel, located in the heart of the city, near the Assumption Cathedral and Square. The rooms are spacious, to the measure are decorated with cats and mice.

Buffet, which is included in the room rate: with homemade pastries, farm cottage cheese, coffee machines and quail eggs.

Here are allowed with pets.

  • Price: from 2000 rubles.
  • Address: ul. Karl Liebknecht, 27.

Guest Center Hotel "Mouse Tin" – overlooking the Volga

Quay Volga in Myshkin / Photo A. Patriceva

Hotel on the banks of the Volga, with exit to the embankment. Some rooms can be seen from the river and sticking boats.

There are family two-bedroom suites. Thought rooms for people with special needs. Included buffet without excesses.

Animals are allowed only in the rooms on the 1st floor, for an additional fee 500 rubles.

  • Price: from 2900 rubles. For a double room overlooking the river.
  • Address: ul. Uglich, 7.

Creative cottage – for a large company

The option to live "like in the museum". Because it is not just a cottage, but a historical art project on the shore of the Nikolsky stream.

The apartments are created in the interiors of the painted meshhouse house built by the great-style engineer Shukhov, "our Leonardo".

The house can simultaneously take 12 guests. It has 4 bedrooms, a living room with a our oven, an open and closed terrace. There is a bath and a mantal place.

  • Price: from 10 571 rubles. For the whole house.
  • Address: ul. World, 2-4.

Where to eat in Myshkin

Culinary Myskin is cheese and everything about him. There are several cafes and dining rooms in the city, but the cult place is one – "Mousetrap".

Restaurant "Mousetrap"

Hotel "Koshkin House" and a restaurant "Mousetrap" are located in the same building / Photo A. Patriceva

What do you think, what makes the guests "Mousetrap"? Correctly free cheese.

Menu diverse, mostly our cuisine. Summer serves delicious beetroot and dumplings with apples, nuts, honey and cinnamon. There is a children’s menu.

Be sure to try cheese ice cream, cheese coffee and acella. It is hardly somewhere else you will be offered such wonderful dishes.

  • Address: ul. TO. Liebknecht, 27.
  • Book a table: +7 (48544) 2-80-05.

Cafe "Volzhsky Farmer"

Cozy and tasty cafe. There are comprehensive lunches, you can order a homemade pizza. Guests praise appetizing dumplings, dumplings with cherry and cheesecakers. Order Kids Corporate Milk Cocktail. Support with you to buy farm dairy products.

  • Address: ul. Nikolskaya, 9.

Cafe "Grace"

Cafe works on the principle of self-service. There are meat and dietary dishes in the menu. Portions Large, low prices.

  • Address: ul. Uglich, 14.

What to bring from Myshkina

Positive Myshkins – Casting and Needlers. By creating a mouse cult, they came up with a lot of ideas for mouse souvenirs:

  • Christmas toys (come in a year of mouse)
  • Copyright-rodents (as a gift, a kid / daughter / tribe)
  • Mouse-clothespins (embossing neighbors)
  • Chest and piggybacks with ruble mouse (mother-in-law, mother-in-law, test, mother-in-law)
  • Mouse pillows (in a car and children)
  • Silver earrings mouse (beloved)

But the main souvenir from Myshkin is a cash mouse. Miniature, which hides in the wallet so that finance always. It must be placed in a bank card office (for paper money – last century) and say: "Mouse has been settled, the money is dated". You can not believe, but put it does not hurt.

Myshkin – a gift city for a resident of the megapolis. He charges peace, positive and creativity. And you were in Myshkin? What you liked the most?

Myshkin - What to see in the very spiritual town on the Volga

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