Myanmar – the most exotic country of Asia!

Not everyone can quickly find it on the map,
Although on the area it is more Thailand!

Why is it the most exotic?

Almost 70 years old has been in complete isolation from around the world.
Permanent state versions, civil wars ..

During this period, the population and the country itself almost did not develop,
Therefore, the time there literally stopped from the 30s of the last century,
when Burma was a British colony.

In 2012, a good democratic government came to power, finally,
which now turns Myanmar into a real tourist Mecca!

There are no longer any wars and unrest – absolute security.
Now this is a real pearl of Asia, when there is a chance as if on the time car moves to the past,
Feel yourself with a British aristocrat who travels by the possessions of the British Empire in the 1930s.

But this unforgettable sense of travel by car time very quickly!
In the past 5 years, the number of tourists visiting Myanmar increases many times from year to year!

Literally in a few years, the country will become pretty modern and well-known to the whole world,
And then this extraordinary charm will forever disappear, which is now.

What to see in Myanmar?

1) Yangon is a city with a maximum number of preserved
Buildings of the colonial era among all cities in Asia!

And also here is an amazing treasure – Pagoda Swedagon,
all covered with gold and precious stones.

2) Bagan is a whole valley of thousands of pagodas, which are perfectly preserved from the 900-1200s.
This is something incredible! There is nothing like that in the world.

3) Mandalay – another colonial city, sneaken in songs and English literature,
with a huge palace complex of the 19th century.

4) Village on Lake Inle is an opportunity to see life
Simple Burmesers whose life does not change already in centuries!

5) Lone beach holidays in Ngapali.
Who would have thought, but in Myanmar, you can come to relax on the sea!

Ngapali Beach For several years in a row in a row in the top 3 best beaches
All Asia according to TripAdvisor, overtaking all the best beaches of Thailand and Vietnam!

When to go and how to get?

Dry season – from November to April. You need to go during this period.
There is no rainy, the weather is hot, the sea is warm and calm.

Myanmar - the most exotic country of Asia!

Yangon – Major Gate to Myanmar.Here you can comfortably fly at Qatari airlines
from Moscow with one transplant just 27-28 thousand rubles back and back almost any dates.
(By the way, in Qatar now in transplanting ours can easily enter the city without a visa).

If you fly not from Moscow, then it’s easier to fly first in Bangkok,
and from there with leuksostas in Yangon in just 4 thousand rubles there and back.

There are also direct flights to Mandalay from Bangkok, a little more.

And in Myanmar itself, you need a visa, but it is very simple to do it, draws up via the Internet
Literally in one day, you only need to fill out the questionnaire, download the photo and pay.

How to prepare for the trip?

This week we have prepared a special package in Myanmar from 2 of our products,
Video guide Maxi Shan and ready-made beach rest route in Ngapali:

From the video guide Maxi Shansky, you will receive the best recommendations for the main places of Myanmar:
Yangon, Bagan, Mandala and Lake Inle. Where to live, what to see where to eat.

Also in the video guide, Maxim told in every detail,
how to navigate both inside the cities and between them.

And my finished route "Beach holidays in Ngapali" will help to step bypass
Rest on the sea, with guidelines for food, accommodation, transport and excursions

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