Myanmar: Lost peace and holidays in Ngapali

Asia-Travel Company invites Asian lovers and connoisseurs of untouched Exotics Indochina in a group tour to Myanmar C 29.04.07 to 13.05.07. May in Indochier is the height of summer, the rains have not yet started, on the coast the time for a beach holiday, and a pleasant coolness reigns in the mountainous regions. That is why our tour in Myanmar on the May holidays differs from the standard group tours, which we regularly conducted in February and March and which other companies offer. Our specialists have been repeatedly in this country and know that and when it is best to offer our customers.

Our route will begin in hot and humid Yangon – the capital of Myanmar’s Union, known for the whole world of architecture by the Schwedagon complex – the main Buddhist pagoda of which on a hundred meters by spleh rises above the ground, covered with gold plates and is crowned with a huge sapphire.

But the stop in Yangon will be short – the next day we will be transferred from the stuffy capital to the mountain province – Shang to Lake Inle. The lake is located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level, local nationality – "Children of Lakes" With its way and traditionally lifestyles are of extraordinary interest, no wonder the lake itself, shefied by legends, and its surroundings are real exotic, even for the Burmese themselves, what to talk about foreigners, which here from the time of the English colony. By the way, since then in the mountains there were small towns built by the British as asylums from the summer heat, one of them we will visit, where we will see the ancient Catholic temple, a colonial style villa, and Buddhist temples with the local features of the state of Shang, bordering the provinces South China, as well as Laos and Northern Thailand.

You can imagine how this secluded corner in the whole light is not without reason, it is here that the famous golden triangle is located, but we will not go there, and visit the extraordinary mountainous temples in Pynda – this is, perhaps, really a mystical place: thousands of statues and statues of Buddha have gained refuge here – By legend, more than 1000 years ago, the treasures of Buddhist monasteries were covered here during the invasions of enemies, and since then the monks and pilgrims continue to bring donations here. Caves and grotes are striking with their beauty and attract many tourists every year, but still still in that untouched, natural form, we highly recommend visiting these places.

Myanmar Lost World and Holidays in Ngapali

Further, our route leads to Lake Inle – Hotels are located right on the stilts at the shore, clean air, the giving coolness and green hills around the lake, covered with jungle, rice fields, ancient pagodas and temples on the islands, life on the water. The climax of staying on Inle will be visited by an ancient Buddhist Indian sanctuary with many pagodas, built over 1000 years ago and by our time.

In addition, we go on the coast of the Banga Bay – this is the Indian Ocean, the resort of Ngapali – the name is consonant with Italian Naples and, indeed, in the original they are identical. The fact is that in the Middle Ages, the Italian merchants who visited these places were so shocked by the beauty of these places, which gave them the name of their most beautiful city. Here you are waiting for the warm sea (28-30 heat), bright sun, wide clean beaches with small sand, luxury beach hotels on the first coastline, accommodation in bungalow or villas, calm secluded rest and delicious seafood.

So, we invite you to another journey to the edge of the world.

Myanmar Lost World and Holidays in Ngapali

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