Myanmar – Far and Mysterious Country

Burmese beaches are very popular, which are characterized by snow-white sand and crystal clear water in the coastal strip. Such purity is due to the fact that there are no large industrial facilities, and huge flow of tourists, as in Vietnam and Thailand, is also not observed.

Myanmar &# 8211; Buddhist country. They are tens of thousands here! For example, the Swedagon Pagoda, located in the city of Yangon, is one of the highest in the world (the dome of her gold-plated, so the building of the building from afar is more like a huge glowing ball, rushing into the sky).

Attractions Myanmar

What sights worth seeing:

    Myanmar - Far and Mysterious Country
  • Pagoda Swedalagon, Botataung and Mandalay (everyone else is very similar to each other, so they do not imagine much interest for tourists, frankly);
  • The synagogue of the Musters of ESU (one of the few synagogues in this region; appeared in the middle of the XIX century during the Birman-English War, when the British used Iraqi Jews as a soldier of Her Majesty Queen Victoria);
  • Inya and Kandejia lakes (the latter is located in the National Park of the same name, where many endemic species of birds are found, by the way);
  • Pindaya cave (for lovers of speleology she will not fit: it is located one of the oldest Buddhist temples of the planet);
  • attention should be paid to the colonial architecture that combines elements of the European and Asian construction tradition, which is already in itself &# 8211; Frequency.

By the way, Myanmar &# 8211; This is a pretty poor country, so prices are rather small there. For 1.5-3 dollars you can get a full-fledged dinner at any restaurant, and all sorts of tourist baubles stand and is less. True, it must be borne in mind that food outside restaurants &# 8211; Pretty risky event (unfortunately, the cooking antisanitarian, peculiar to all countries of the Asian southeast, is present here).

National cuisine

The kitchen in Myanmar has its own feature: all the dishes are just tremendous sharp. Therefore, in the establishments of the catering, it is better to ask the waiter in advance so that the cook does not add spices in general (it is better to do it yourself). It is recommended to try &# 8220; Sleep Sleep&# 8221; (rice salad with lots of seafood), &# 8220; Mingg&# 8221; (soup with fish and pasta) and &# 8220; Huak Lye&# 8221; (Rice pasta made on coconut milk). Burmese drinks prefer traditional tea. But even in him they manage to add just an incredible amount of spices (and sometimes even salt). So with him you need to be as careful as possible.You can buy tickets to Myanmar here!

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