Myanmar (Burma)

There are no direct flights from Russia, the flight is possible only with change, through Europe or Asia.

How comfortable move on Myanmar?

Road traffic: car rental: In the presence of driver and cash, you can take a car for hire.

Taxi: This type of transport, as a taxi, is common everywhere, the cost of travel and route should be negotiated in advance.

Buses: hitch-hiking: Airports: The largest airports of Country Airport Mingeadone in Yangon (1957) and in Mandalay (2000).

Myanmar (Burma) Holidays in Myanmar, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

Airlines: State airline "Myanmar Erueiz" serves internal lines, and relatively recently educated state company "Myanmar International Erueiz" — Flights to other countries of Southeast and South Asia.

Railway: The length of the railways in the late 1990s — The beginning of the 2000s was 3955 km. Most paths — single-mole (with a width of a gauge 1 m). They connect all the main cities of the country, but not yet connected with the railway system in neighboring countries.

Ports: Foreign trade transportation largely depend on the state of maritime shipping. The main volume of maritime transport provides a corporation "Myanmar Fius Street Shipping". In the mid-2000s, at its disposal there were 33 vessel with displacement. 1 thousand. Br.-reg. t for ocean and coaster. Common tonnage of the fleet — 384.5 thousand. Br.-reg. T

Myanmar (Burma) Holidays in Myanmar, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

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