Myanmar. Boorikshi

"Spicy spirit, like from the boiler, that land, where palm trees are splashing and ringing bells. On the road to Mandalay", – wrote at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries Reddard Kipling. And spicy spirit, and palm trees, and bells – all this is present in Mandalay and today. This Burmese city, located in the sixth kilometers from the capital of Yangon, founded Mindon’s king in the middle of the XIX century. With it, Mandalay even a few years was the capital of the state.

Welorikshi – the symbol of the city – appeared in it at the beginning of the last century. They later became a lot of motoricks. But she won the old, more democratic type of transport that does not require gasoline, no expensive spare parts. The car for the overwhelming majority of the Burmese – the more luxury, but not a means of movement. Needed something from furniture to transport – it’s not a car, but Ricksha. On it and move around the city. Ride the mandalary best on the velaie. Find them in the city can be literally at every turn. You can catch on the street near the hotel or restaurant. And you can simply come to the velaiksh park, which in Manadalay scattered literally every five hundred meters.

Mandalay relatively young and attractions in it are relatively few. Home – This is a cuttle temple. It is famous for marble plates in human growth, on which the sacred Buddhist texts are carved, which constitute a canonical compilation "Trucade". Although it is impossible to imagine this city without a velaiks, this profession here, to put it mildly, is not prestigious. For the pennies to turn the whole day on the heat of pedals are ready only those who cannot count on any other job. Manadalayie Veloriksh, like our taxi drivers, has its own mafia. All bread points long ago are divided. Near them are parked only "their", Alien are not allowed. And if anyone tries to squeeze – it will be sent to him at best.

Myanmar. Boorikshi

No counters, of course, there is no bike, so payment must be negotiated in advance. In any case, more than five hundred kyat is approximately 15 rubles – the trip could not cost. More take only for the transportation of goods and for the delivery of a passenger to the station or from the station. At the first crossroad, we were forced to stop and skip the school spirit orchestra, proudly marked by the roadway, no one paying attention. Ricksha and bike – a single organism. Like Mongol and Horse. Only local bicycles are more like museum exhibits than on frisms. However, they serve as their riders faith and true. The brakes came up with a coward – this is just about the Burmese velaiksh. The rules of the road, they were not read at all, or read like a fantastic novel. However, equally applies to drivers of much more massive vehicles – cars. Piece of revenue MEE TCH gives the owner of the bike. This is a common practice: buy ricksha bike, as a rule, is not able to. Used to find hard, and the new one stands one hundred and fifty thousand kyat – mad, in local concepts, money.

During the day, each Ricksha will definitely take the time to call the temple to pray. Requests for his Buddha are the simplest – that he sent a good earnings and relieves from misfortunes. In the temples, Burmese pray, and next to them – rest. Driving past the next Buddhist complex, I noticed young people having fun playing the ball. This, as explained MEE TCH, Burmese football option – Chinlon. His rules are simple: a few people, lined up in a circle, drench each other. Task: do not let him touch the land. Who did not have time to make a blow – dropped out. The ball used in Chinlon is not a leather – it is flying from cane or rotany palm stalks. They chase it here everything, even Buddhist monks. Having delivered the client to the address, Veloiksha goes to parking or in the nearest cafe. There at the table in the circle of friends more fun to wait for customers. MEE TCHE landed me just next to this institution. I will not say that it was the best ride in my life, but just one of the best. Although a little spin hurts and face all in dust, but, of course, very cool.

Myanmar. Boorikshi

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