Myanmar &# 8211; Attractions worth in 2020

Myanmar &# 8211; This is a special state in Southeast Asia, which has not been popular a few years ago, and tours in this direction were almost not to find. Years of international sanctions and self-insulation remained behind, and gradually a thin river tourists becomes a real river, because this mysterious country with its ethnic diversity, special culture and rich history wants to visit an increasing number of travelers. The country located in the western part of the Indochina Peninsula, can offer its guests a great pastime, the benefit that all prerequisites for it are:

  • abundance of attractions;
  • Unforgettable beach vacation;
  • unique nature;
  • good service.

Tourism, as such, in this country is still developing, and if you look at the reports of an independent travel in Myanmar, you can get the most reliable information, because people have no need to embellish reality or derive the dignity of the Burma.

Weather in Myanmar &# 8211; when it is better to go?

High season in Myanmar lasts only a few months &# 8211; From November to the end of February. During this period of time, the thermometer’s column confidently shows +30 degrees, precipitation is a big rarity, like cold winds. The sea is quiet and calm, so resting comfortable even with children. And from March until the end of April comes a hot season &# 8211; the rains are still almost no, but due to the increase in temperature and the scorching sun, resting becomes uncomfortable.

The main thing is to avoid visiting this state from April to October, because at this time the most great chances of the rainy season are most high. And in general the country is suitable for visiting year-round, but if there is a desire to get to get almost the most important holiday called the Water Festival, then you need to come to Myanmar before the rainy season to personally see how the local population rejoices his arrival.

Myanmar; Attractions worth in 2020

Rest in Myanmar &# 8211; Tourist reviews in 2020

Myanmar is especially recommended for visiting tourists who do not like the excess beach fuss and are accustomed to high-quality service, as almost any local hotel can be safely adding a couple of stars, so friendly staff and comfortable conditions for living. Yes, the hotels are still a little, but they are all called, "hold the brand" and try to do everything possible so that guests are satisfied.

By the way, seafood lovers may not think of going to this amazing state, since the fisheries is very well developed here, and throughout the rest to indulge themselves with marine delicacies – fresh and cheap. However, there is a disadvantage that tourists celebrate: Myanmar has not a very good local transport infrastructure, and it is necessary to take note of.

Myanmar &# 8211; How to get?

There are no direct flights Moscow-Myanmar, so you have to fly there with a transfer, mainly in Singapore. But do not be upset, because such flights are always cheaper than direct, and the additional tourist voyage causes interest in all connoisseurs of exotic. And all because Singapore Changi Airport is a place in which you need to visit at least once in my life. How to get from Moscow?

  1. From the our capital it is necessary to fly to Singapore, here they run here, including aircraft &# 8220; Turkish Airlines&# 8221;. Ticket price About 27 thousand. USD
  2. From Singapore you need to fly to Myanmar, for example, in Yangon &# 8211; Tickets will cost another 10 thousand. USD;
  3. From the airport, get to the beach by taxi, ordering transfer or using public transport. The last way I do not recommend &# 8211; bus service, although it is established, but leaves much to be desired.

In the high season, many prefer charter flights, and tickets for them are booked at the tour operator, together with the hotel. By the way, if the tourist visits Myanmar for the first time, he is still better to resort to travel agency services. I especially recommend this to people, the first time I arrived in Southeast Asia &# 8211; Myanmar is more focused on experienced travelers, at least, if we are talking about independent rest without intermediaries.

What to visit in Myanmar &# 8211; Attraction

Myanmar (Burma) &# 8211; Amazing country with rich history and beautiful landscapes. Of course, the majority of tourists go here behind the beach rest, but the excursion program promises to be saturated. You definitely worth a few class seats

  1. Bagan. City of abandoned temples. In this wonderful place, there are a lot of ancient Buddhist shrines whose age has 1500 years. The greatest interest among tourists is caused by the temple of Anand and the gold-plated pagoda of Shweziagon.
  2. Mandalay. This is a city rich in attractions, among whom the Pagoda Mahamuni and Pagoda Kutodau Payya deserves special attention. The abundance of historic buildings and temples makes this place in real interesting, and there are several ancient cities around it with their artifacts.
  3. Lake Inle. This is a very beautiful fresh water, in the middle of which there is a unique facing on piles – Monastery of jumping cats. In this wonderful place, you can admire landscapes and take a break from the heat, as well as see how local row fishermen do not weigh, but their own legs.
  4. Golden cliff. No one can understand: why this rock does not fall into the abyss, because it balancing on the break. Locals believe that the monolithium of this object gives the hair of the Buddha. That is, the Golden Rock simply ignores the power of gravity, and everyone who sees it has every chance in a short time to join Buddhism.
  5. Monieva. To go to this town for a long time, but the journey is worth it, because it is here that Pagoda Tanbeodhi and two temples located in the caves, with the colors inherent on them. Here you can admire the 90-meter Buddha lying Buddha, and on the standing, the height of which is equal to the height of the 33-storey building.
  6. Rangne. Was once the capital, and now this city is called Yangon. Myanmar, the attractions of which are not limited to the temples and monasteries alone, has a "heart". And it is a Swedagon Pagoda, which was built 2500 years ago. In essence, this is a business card Myanmar.

Myanmar is perhaps that country of South Kazakhstan who surprised me more than others. Since tourists appeared here relatively recently, I was waiting for a typical launch, chaos and disorder. But Myanmar did not meet negative expectations. In this country, everything is good with the service, comfortable hotels, staff friendliness and thrower. Impressed and beaches Myanmar &# 8211; With a clean soft sand and limitless diving opportunities. Of course, in this country, not everything is ideal yet, but, if you move in the same direction, Myanmar can become a new center for attraction of tourists from around the world. Prerequisites for this already have.

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