My unforgettable Krumlov

Any trip to the Czech Republic is a long or short, winter or summer, in the capital or small cities forever remains in memory. Each time this country opens with a new, amazing side, amazes with a careful attitude to history, nature, national traditions, architectural monuments.

I personally have from the Czech Republic, there is always a complete illusion that I visited the fabulous kingdom with high castles, ancient fortresses, laid out paving bridge, elegant red houses, narrow streets, many bridges, churches, vintage areas.

The most visited city in Czech Earth is a great Prague, she is very hospitable and welcoming tourists from all over the world. In any institution you will definitely understand, even if you do not know any languages ​​at all except my native. As we told us a waitress girl in the hotel, the first condition for admission to work is the knowledge of minimum of three foreign languages. But Prague is not the whole Czech Republic. The most unique, in my opinion, of course, is the extraordinary city is Czech Krumlov.

It is located in the south of the Czech Republic, from Prague to him to go about three hours. The road passes along the beautiful green area, where and the point the castles, hop plantations and cozy rural houses appear.

In Czech Krumlov, we turned out to be by chance, passing, but seeing this fabulous town, we decided to stay and get to know him closer. It is small and divided into two parts – one ordinary provincial-European. But the second. The loop of the Vltava River forms the semblance of the island, on which an old city is located with a castle, a multi-tiered arched bridge, ancient 800-year-old houses in which people live!

You can buy a house or apartment in Krumlova for a symbolic price, all the complexity is that by purchasing real estate here, the owner undertakes to maintain and maintain historical heritage in primevar. If, God forbid, some glass will break, you will need to find and insert exactly the same. You understand that it costs a lot of money, so residents try to refund expenses at the expense of numerous tourists.

In the town a lot of souvenir shops, exhibition halls, beer, kharcheng, antique and jewelry shops. Portions in the cafe are big, but prices are practically Prague, you can sit in "Korchme" Vltava, drink a foam beer with sausages for 20 euros, at the same time admire a chic castle view.

In it, by the way, excursions are held. Photographing inside the castle, unfortunately, not allowed. From the viewing sites, beautiful views of the city opens, and the pointed spiers of the churches and churches give him a fabulous view. The castle served as a residence of Rosenberg and was built over several centuries. It has preserved furniture, utensils, paintings, household items of its owners.

One of the attractions is the Krumlovsky Castle Tower, it rises above the city, decorating it with an openwork colonnade and a green dome with a spire. There is an observation deck on the tower where you can climb on a wooden spiral staircase with high steps. No elevator, but we risked go upstairs. I will say right away – it was not easy, but the result was worth – the photo turned out to be excellent, although the next day the legs trembled.

My unforgettable Krumlov

The symbol of the city is a bear, his image is in every way. There is cafes "In Medvezhatko", Many images and signs, and at the foot of the castle even live real bears, where you can admire through the bars of the lattice. Souvenirs are still very popular with the hero of the famous Czech cartoon – cloth. It seemed to me that all souvenirs here are Czech, and not Chinese production. Judging by the price! There is a store with puppets, dolls with sad eyes in theatrical costumes are very impressive, but also not cheap 50 and higher euros.

In the evening we went on a tour of mystical Krumlov. Illuminated Castle was amazingly gorgeous. Madame in a velvet medieval dress with a faithful Torchalonian held us along the night streets, telling terrible legends and legends, and at the most busy moment I unexpectedly blew a flap, jumping all to death.

And then we were led to the Corchm on the tasting of the Moravian wines. Handsome sommelier told us about funny drinks, and the adorable waitress poured white and red wine into huge glasses. From the hot to the choice they were offered baked carp or lining pork steering wheel with potatoes and vegetables. Goodbye diet, it is impossible to observe it in the Czech Republic. I had to get drunk and. Barely crawled to the hotel. We had a great room, with extraordinary ultra-modern plumbing. But probably, we were just lucky, because many were indignant to the low hotel service.

For spent in Czech Krumlov day and night I just fell in love with this city. I often remember this cozy Middle Ages and dream of getting there again. I imagine how beautiful is there in the New Year holidays!

Travelers can advise be sure to get into Krumlov, it is very good and photogenic. As a gift, you can bring sweets and Czech gingerbits as a gift, and you are wonderful memories and light nostalgia for the Czech Republic. But we will definitely return to a new meeting, Krumlov!

My unforgettable Krumlov

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