My unforgettable day in Cairo

This is a central point of the city, often referred to as its heart, which is also the main transport hub. Numerous demonstrations are often focused on the square, and protests and performances are organized. Maidan AT-Tahrir may seem familiar with the media coverage of the events of the Egyptian revolution of 2011. Characteristic, erected in the Soviet style, the building on the square is Mujamma &# 8211; Residence of ministries and governor of the city.

Approximately 500 meters, a little higher than Nile, there is a neoclassical Egyptian museum opened in 1902.

Due to its brick color, the building is definitely stand out against the background of nearby buildings. Entering the entrance gate, you will see a centrally located fountain and the surrounding green stripes enriched with numerous sculptures, as well as busts of the most outstanding archaeologists and researchers of ancient Egypt. One of them depicts Casimir Mikhailovsky.

The collection of the museum, placed on the two floors, has about 120,000 Exhibats, The most valuable of which is undoubtedly the famous Golden Mask Tutankhamon behind the glass. In addition to her, we will also see other items from his tomb, as well as mummies and statues of other pharaohs, their wives and the Egyptian gods.

After visiting the Egyptian Museum, we return to Tahrir Square, where to get to the river Giza lying on the other side.

In front, we will have a 20-kilometer road with one-way movement, mainly along the highway 75 (ring road), which is the agglomerating motorway. Interestingly, driving around the city, you can observe the egyptian drivers arising between the buildings buildings,.

When we arrive at the place, most likely, the first people we will see will be merchants with all sorts of products, souvenirs, beads and t.D. Frequent species will also be camels, horseback carriers and guarding the military.

It is time for the main point of the program &# 8211; Pyramids. These are fascinating works of ancient architecture listed UNESCO In 1979. Standing next to them, you can feel that their monumental for those times the dimensions even more than we could think earlier that makes you feel great admiration for their creators. Many do not exclude that the Egyptian gods themselves helped people in the construction of these merdomin.

Around us three pyramids:

Heops – the oldest and greatest one of the seven ancient wonders of the world (and the only one, preserved to the present day). Built OK. 2560 g. to N. NS., Currently, there are 138.75 m of height.

My unforgettable day in Cairo

Hefrena – a little smaller, it is before her worth a big Sphinx. At its tip, the remains of the outer layer (veneers) are visible. Dates from OK. 2532. to N. NS. , Current height – 136 m.

Micherinosa – Third of them, the smallest (62 m) and the youngest (erected. 2510 g. to N. NS.). One of its walls is brought from the XII century, explicit traces of destruction by Al-Aziz Usman – the second son of saladine. Nearby stand 3 small pyramids of queens, less pointed form.

In addition, in the complex Pyramids Giza you can see small tombs, temples and residential premises. There is an opportunity to explore the underworld.

We return to Cairo, in particular, the El Gamalei district, heading for the popular market (SC) Chan Al-Khalili.

This is one of the largest tourist attractions of the city, here we can buy various souvenirs, actually products or drink Arabic coffee. Here you need to keep the Ear East, for example, in relation to a wallet or a camera. The road to the market leads through the densely populated area from the Al-Hussein Mosque of 1154. Turning to the opposite side of the square, looking at the center, we will see Mosque Abo El Dahab. To the left of her, also on the other side of Al-Azhar Street, there is a university and a mosque with the same name.

I made my first trip to Egypt back in 2005, being a young man, and it was only a small spark to passion to visit this amazing corner again. How many unique situations and the images are firmly stuck in my head, and, relying in the photo from the trip, I took to recreate the tour in the form of this article. This country has changed dramatically for these 15 years &# 8211; survived the revolution, the overthrow of power, changes in the system. Now the other, new era.

My unforgettable day in Cairo

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