My trip on Bali

My name is Denis. I am 24 years old. Place of residence – all earth. Actively traveling, now in Indonesia on the island of Bali. I love to mount video, taking pictures, communication with people, all related to travel, music and reading books.

I settled with friends at Villa nearby Ubud and immediately started to learn to ride a bike, but with such enthusiasm that 2x mirrors almost lost) then away we go: surfing Changu, Visiting the abandoned hotel Beduchul Taman, Many waterfalls, of which were particularly impressed Semipal.

But the most memorable – a New Year’s Eve on the Indian Ocean with a campfire and guitar next to close friends! And then – swimming in the ocean and the meeting of the first dawn of the new 365-day travel, watching the bright orange luminaries, ascending over the horizon of the ocean thickness), the most beautiful metaphors and writing phrases are hard to convey it!

My trip on Bali

Manka Forest is a separate conversation. We went to B Sangeh Monkey Forest. Very cool place, where in addition to temples and jumped monkeys there are high trees, from which the Spirit captures! My comrade Park employee suggested putting a cookie on his hand and raise her high up, so that the local Godzilka climb him on his shoulder 🙂 The trick worked, we got the impressions of both!

If you summarize, I will say that one month is extremely small on Bali to feel and feel the charms of local temples, good nature, to learn at least agfaction!

My trip on Bali

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