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In love with Cancun. At first glance and, it seems forever. And what is the most pleasant – this love is mutual!

We settled in Cancun at the hotel Gran Melia Cancun, Although, in fact, it is not so important because the entire resort town is a solid area of ‚Äč‚Äčentertainment and recreation, where they come true (without exaggeration!) All your dreams. In our hotel, as, however, in all other hotels in Cancun, there was a "all inclusive" system, so now I will feel free to declare myself by a connoisseur of Mexican cuisine, as well as a seafood specialist! Also, it is also impossible not to note the stunning SPA-procedures (one of the "chips" of cancun) and interiors in the present Mexican style.

And, of course, entertainment. Entertainment and smiles at every turn, riot of paints, music and sun. Wheel on Prospect Kukulkur – And all before you! By the way, on Prospectus, buses running in late, and the Avenue itself breaks past almost all Cancun hotels.

In general, the resort is a kind of "seven", which is very easy to move (do not get lost!). At the top of the "seven" a very calm sea, it’s great to swim here. All hotels are located along the long part of the braid. It is interesting to see on Lagoon Napochta. Note, do not bathe in it, but here you can meet crocodiles! Immediately – an excellent water entertainment center, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to order a tour, for example, walking on the motorboard along the mangrove thickets or snorkeling (diving with a mask) near coral reef.

In the evening I highly recommend looking into Party Zone – It is here for the shopping center and entertainment. Dancing, discos and the most famous club of the resort Coco Bongo are waiting for you. In general, I must say that Cancun "sharpened" under water sports lovers – every hotel offers something special, even disassembled eyes – swimming with a mask and aqualung, even with dolphins (an unforgettable impression, I recommend! Offered in XCaret, Xel-Ha, Playa Del Carmen and a number of others).

My solar cancun, memories ... - Cancun, Mexico Blogs and travel notes of tourists by Cancun on

If you get tired noisy and ever wakeful cancun, I am very advised to visit Women Island (Isla Mujeres), this is possible within one-day excursion. The name of the island gave an unusual find, namely, a huge number of statues depicting women. Here is the former manor of the pirates of Hacienda Mundaca, the cave of sleeping sharks (where tourists divers can get closer to the predatory fish at a rapidly close distance!), as well as the magnificent Garrafon National Park. Fun to move around the island you can half machine, it gives excursions to charm!

And finally, we drank onStrov contoya, Where is the bird reserve (about 60 species of feathered!). We were lucky – I now have a personal photo flamingo!

In general, 10 days in Cancun I personally had little. Here to go back, and it is desirable for a long time, because of their nature, Mexico is such that it can not be put into the framework of the standard tours.

My solar cancun, memories ... - Cancun, Mexico Blogs and travel notes of tourists by Cancun on

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