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I can be found in popular social networks, subscribe to projects and find out the first to be the most interesting. Below are the official accounts and groups, where I write, post an announcements and news. I have no other groups and sites. If you are assured in the opposite, it’s a fake. In fact, everything is simple. The site is the main. VC, Facebook and Instagram – Publicumes for news and announcements of articles. YouTube – Assistant in Plan Video.


Thai tales about Phuket – this is the main public project about Thailand and Phuket Island. In 2019, the site turned 10 years old. First year I could not decide what I would like to write here, so there were experimental articles with chapters from my book, incomprehensible allowance for driving Motobike. Over time, the course was leveled, I realized that it was interesting to write what many years would not lose my relevance. Therefore, I do not addly a description of current news (only in social. networks), prices for mango, weather situations at the moment.

Here I am writing a guidebook and articles about interesting places in Phuket and in the neighboring provinces, about restaurants and shops, proven over the years that I like. Also on the site there are no enthusiastic exclamations about Thai little things, perhaps once I was able to, but for 16 years I completely learned. I do not write bikes from tourist guides like "All Thai Cosmetics Natural and Magic", "If a boy is born in the family, it is sold to slavery and make a girl from him", "It is said that Thais is always smiling in different ways", because I know the truth and try to describe it with bare facts without unnecessary emotions. Thank you for reading.

Appendix via Phuketu

To help travelers, I wrote a mobile phone on Phuket for iPhone and Androyda. It has more than 500 places where to go, what to see what to take children, where to eat and buy gifts, schedule of attractions and ticket costs, articles about Thai cuisine, transport on the island and much more. Mobile application works offline, you do not need an internet connection. It is worth noting that the application does not copy the site, there are completely different objects in it, the information update once every 3-5 months, which you can not say about the site. If you are looking for a Phuket guide in the phone, download my application on the links below.


In 2013, I started Instagram as a platform for photos of Phuket and my travels in Thailand and other countries in the world. It is not particularly fond of the tags # with a very far-haired and # is very coolingly, although, probably, you need to fill this space. Many photos are removed on Canon. For Phuket cards, I celebrate the point of geolocation, so you can find very interesting places on the island: pretty cafes, authentic corners, unusual sights. Another interesting in my instagram is a daily storage and live broadcast esters. Weather in Phuket – only in Storsith.


Video channel complements my articles by interesting rollers. It is there that there is a video about Thai cuisine, holidays, local culture and traditions. On the Channel you will find the completeness of Phuket and Thailand.

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I love your group VKontakte. It is the most numerous of all social networks, it’s easier to get a response. We are playing readers, I make a riddle, download video and music, always try to share in the group all new and interesting things that I know: fun photos, beautiful videos, unusual places on Phuket, holidays and events of the island. Of course, all articles and video I also duplicate. But besides, I try to share cultural life in Phuket. Subscribe to the update of the VKontakte group, if you are convenient for this social network, ask your questions that do not fit into the subject of articles. I also have my profile, I practically do not update it – no time.


The Facebook group was created by analogy with VKontakte. People there are not so much, mostly copy links to new articles and video. A bit uncomfortable format when it’s hard to find a certain news or post. Facebook bribes the fact that there are many of my friends in it, it is from there I recognize the news about my loved ones and my profile update regularly. I do not add strangers to my friends if you want to read news about my personal life, click "Subscribe".

These are my main social networks. Not everyone leads in a classic format – not enough time. Subscribe to updates, add to groups and recognize the news the first.

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