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Here are the units of the Christmas Fair on the Central Market Square of Wroclaw. Dissolunting smells of smoked extracepants – sheep cheese from the tatras, baked sausages and chestnuts are no longer being dealt with. It means that you can make a certain retrospective that it was interesting that they were sold, what could be enjoyed and what to see.

Well, first of all it is worth saying that in the past, 2012, the fair opened on November 24 and lasted until December 24. Wroclaw Fair almost every year looks like – these are rows of wooden tent houses around the market square, closer to the town hall there is a "fairy forest" – with fizzness, dwarfs, santic frost (or sv.Nicholas – who is how to like) and deer. Why is this forest fabulous? Because there are about 10 houses with mechanical fairy tales – here and "Cat in boots", and "Cinderella", and "Pinkyo" and many-many others. This year, the youngest visitors could ride on the children’s railway. So families with the kids of all ages also found for themselves what. Generally here, as anywhere else, a festive atmosphere is felt – Music plays, musicians and street actors are playing, all people in a good mood, at least I did not meet any sullen face. Tasty smells, shop windows of the shops are laughing with beauty and diversity. This year, only snow was not enough for a full feeling of fairy tales. Everything else was!

And what a tasty was served in houses, of which so tasty smelled? This year, the organizers made a bet not only on traditional Polish cuisine – dumplings with mushrooms or potatoes and cottage cheese (they are "Persons Rusk"), squeezed bread with smallets and salty cucumbers, already traditional "Gural" Oxpecks – smoked cheeses from the Tatras, But also to the more innovative delicacies from Italian, Lithuanian, Hungarian and other kitchens. The biggest queues could boast of shops in Hungarian pastries – Kurtoshkolachi and the open-air bar, where hot chocolate poured and different types of Mulled wine. Did not go away the side of guests and sausages with grill, and gingerbread in the shape of a heart, and a variety of fruits in chocolate. Absolutely all products here are fresh and really very tasty – this is exactly not to find in any store or supermarket! Traditionally, traders have exhibited a wide range of new year decorations, candles, tablecloths, napkins for a festive table – most of them handmade, here you could find products from environmental materials, original "designer" decorations and accessories and another million different ideas for gifts. Even Matryushki this year came to the holiday :), what, it is worth noting, it is not very common in Poland.

The new fairs this year became ice figures, all of them were made directly on the square itself, so passersby could observe and even participate in this show. Everyone who wanted to get some unusual souvenir, could have a special coin at the blacksmith.

My retrospective

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about prices for some products, preceding the question – "What how much?" Portion of Oszka (smoked sheep cheese) with jam from cranberries or garlic sauce cost 2.50 – 3 zł. Scroll of rye bread with a smober, onions and salty cucumbers – from 5 to 12 zł. Fruits in chocolate – from 10 zlotys. Mug mulled wine – 10-12 zlotys, and if you pay 10 more zloty for a mug, then it is yours!

Baked apples with whipped cream – 10 zlotys. Lithuanian smoked drives – 10-95 zlotys. Hungarian Kurtoshkolach (feather "Bulk" With nutpopling) – 10-11 zlotys. Baked chestnuts, quite edible delicacy – 10 zlotys for Malek \ Nyku, 18 zlotys for a large portion. Holiday for the body and for the Spirit, in one word! I am confident that the Wroclands and guests of our city are already looking forward to the following fair, which will last from 22. eleven. 2013 to 23.12.2013.

And so, just in case: the official website of the Christmas Fair Facebook page (even more photos and video)

My retrospective

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