"My Planet" took two stars

Overtaking its our and Western competitors with a record margin, «My planet» was named the best journey channel. The channel scored 56% of Internet audience votes, leaving behind National Geographic with 15%, Travel + Adventure, Discovery Channel with 10%, as well as our Travel Guide TV with 9% of the vote. «My planet» It was named the best journey channel, and the best television program is recognized as a program «The man of the world with Andrei Ponkratov».

«Once again, get a reward, which is awarded following the voting of viewers, is very nice, because this is another proof that we are going to the right way, — noted the chief editor of the TV channel "My planet" Nikolay Tabashnikov. — Spectators appreciate what we do».

My planet

The owner of the prestigious reward, where the winners defines not a professional jury, but the audience, «My planet» became for the fourth time. TV channel «My planet» is a laureate of several dozen prestigious our and international awards. In the TV list of the TV channel — Victory in contests «Big number», «Golden beam», «Guiding star», National Geographic Traveler Awards and DR.

My planet

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