"My Planet": the organizers turned award in theatrical statement

December 1 at the Moscow Theater Et Cetera will be awarded the winners of the National Prize "My Planet". For the first time, the ceremony will be held in the format of theatrical stage, in which both professional actors will be involved and participants themselves. The winners of the premium in two nominations were determined by popular voting, the rest chose a professional jury.

My Planet

Award for the fourth year in a row is awarded for achievements in the field of tourism. It is awarded to journalists, bloggers, representatives of the hotel and tourist business, just travelers.
"In fact, our bonus is innovative, that is, we note not current merit, but we are trying to look at the future," says Sergey Koslyakov, CEO of the channel "My planet". – We are trying to find those industry to be in demand in the future, which is why our jury is a professional, not popular ". This year, the organizers of the award decided to surprise guests and turn the award in the theatrical production, participation in which the winners themselves will also take. In St. Petersburg, for a month now rehearsals.
Meanwhile, in this Moscow workshop, work on the creation of prizes. Each of the 26 winners of the "My Planet" award is waiting for a statuette – the globe, made in the shape of a ball of air. It was made of steel and a very rare coo tree, weighs more than 1.5 kg. In order to make this statuette, all possible processing technologies are applied: Fraser, laser, turning … Masters admit that every prize has to be collected manually.
All 26 figurines are already waiting for their owners. 20 of them will be presented according to nominations, the remaining six are provided as special prizes. It remains to wait at all long ago: December 1, the names of the winners of the award will be known.

My Planet

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