My personal end of the world – Iceland

But in Iceland a little differently, throughout the trip you breaks you from happiness; I want to cry around every waterfall and watch without breaking down; Run behind the horses, look out for sheep on the field, shout out the sea seals and touch the smooth nose in the cows; when the head is spinning from fresh air; When, having run the head on the field, and wind streams help run even faster; When he blows the flow of water and energy, and you stand and make wild cries from delight and at that moment you understand how the element hugs a little man; When nature changes every 10 minutes, first warm / smoky tones, then snow, as if you are in the North Pole, then frozen lava and green moss; When you wake up at 7.00 in the morning, run for breakfast and wait for the dawn, all the most amazing occurs at this time, the colors change every 15 minutes, but the mountains stay to the last purple-blue, in contrast with already bright earth; When the clouds are shimming with different colors like rainbow, and if I could, I would hug them tightly; when wondering everything like a child.

When you open your eyes in the morning, you look out the window, you see on one side of the mountain, fields, with another ocean in my head, does not fit at all how you can live, it’s life in a pleasure, everyday contemplation, avitaminosis from beauty, kaaak? Compare with your own life – the equation does not fold, the task is not solved at all, different is given; When you understand that this country is your second half.

My personal end of the world - Iceland

When everything ends, at once a million complaints about yourself: why at that moment I took off to the camera, and not silently stared at the ocean? Why did not closer to the waterfall? Why did the time spent time, and did not look at the night sky? Why sometimes mentally was thousands of kilometers from here? Why didn’t one tasty cod and did not finish that delicious El? Why did not rise to the top of the cliff to the cute church? Why so little spent time near each sighting? Why was in a hurry to see the maximum, and did not enjoy the moments? Why not ride horses on endless fields?

In short, the carriage wagon and a small trolley stretches for you until the airport itself, yes no, for a long time after.
I do not believe that I saw all this with my own eyes, breathing with this air and stepped on this earth.
Thank you, Iceland, you opened in me different feelings that I have not experienced any country. This is mutual love.

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