My Montenegro is my planet

I love Montenegro, it is an amazing country. Despite its small size, and this is just 13812 km² (155th in the world), it is impossible to argue it over the years. There are also the sea, beaches, and modern cities, such as Podgorica, and very old, whom most (Kotor, Cetini, Budva), there are amazing mountains and lakes, beautiful rivers and canyons.

The most reverent moment, the aircraft entry for landing. When the plane decreases, you look into the porthole and understand that this is another world, another planet. Sea of ​​amazing color, so calm and beautiful, landscapes from fabulous stories about navigators and pirates. You see the old city, hotels, roads, beaches and that’s all this will burst into your reality.

Old Town Budva

Arriving at the city of Tivat International Airport, the first thing that rushes into the eyes is wonderful green mountains around and the air is so tight and tasty, What I want to eat. In the air, the smell of the sea and salt and body immersed in the warmth of the Adriatic climate from which in the stomach starts "Fit butterfly"!
Every time I arrive in Montenegro "Dickarem", because it is a country to me like a native house. I do not worry about overnight, transport and food. Here you will always be prompted by the road, will offer the night, and the food will surround you in wealth. So this time I removed the room in a wonderful place, in the city of Budva. Seen and the island of St. Nikola. (About Budva will be a separate publication).

My Montenegro is my planet

View from my room on Budva and the sea

I have never been afraid of shooting from the same point some kind of appearance, because the lighting changes absolutely all. Changes picture, sensations, emotions Others.

My Montenegro is my planet

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