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My travel time to Belarus began with Moscow traffic jams to the Beloenglish station. To the railway station, I go for 20 minutes by car, but I drove an hour and a half (well, that I ordered a taxi 2 hours before the train, and did not advise a taxpar dispatcher, per hour).

The train was fine, there were only three stops to Minsk – two in Russia, and one in Belarus. Thanks to this, they drove very quickly and as soon as they left the train at the Moscow railway station.Minsk immediately saw a couple of taxi drivers who ran up to me for a moment and offered to bring to anywhere in the country. I had to go 160 km from Minsk, to the sanatorium Narochansky Beach, the driver suggested going for 2500 our rubles, but it was expensive and I refused, but he lowered the price up to 2000 thousand, and then until 1800, and went for them.

As soon as they sat down in his car, immediately heard about all the problems that worry our driver, and the most important thing was expensive gasoline, but when he heard that he was even more expensive in Moscow, he closed this topic, but continued to talk about everything that comes to him on the mind. Order it already began to bother, but he never cleaned until the end of the road.

At first glance, I liked everything in the Narochansky Beach, the main building was very beautiful, but when I saw him with a brief, immediately changed my opinion – outside the paint from the walls came out and in general I thought about what the terrible buildings would be, since the main building in such a video.

After the settling, we were given a third body, it turned out, this is the best case from three available. Outside and inside this building looked very good. The administration has allocated a room on the 3rd floor, but when they went to her – they saw what it was small, there is no balcony, in general – tiny rooms. After the campaign to the administration, I kindly changed the number to another, where there is a balcony, and it was much more and more comfortable former.

The first thing I did not like it, it is access to WiFi only in the second case. It was inconvenient to walk from one building to another, although they are closely close to each other.

Sanatorium staff turned out to be wonderful – people were very kind. A little strained what when you go past other people, you will look at your head to the head, and if you begin to look at them as if in response, you can also express displeasure about this.

It was inconvenient to walk from one building to another to the procedure, because when it was raining, many people who did not take the umbrellas sat in her room and watched the TV, which shows 8 channels. Sometimes it seemed that all the programs that go to the Belarusian "Channel One" and "NTV" were cut off from the our TV method where Belarusians are mentioned in any way.

Food in the dining room is good, dishes are given to the choice, but closer to the departure food became the same and did not want to eat it, and the area of ​​dinner could buy a package of salty cucumbers, as I did, and eat them. Of course, they do not enter, but you can reinforce. Also right after dinner on a bench in front of the entrance to the central case you can buy raspberries, mushrooms, honey, birch juice, cucumbers and in general everything you can collect from the ground.

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In one kilometer from the Nargano shore there is a lake Naroch. Many people afraid to swim in it, afraid that they jump red spots – Cercitriosis. But after bathing, no one of my acquaintances was so cold, probably because it was necessary to simply wash with soap how you come home. For entertainment, you can rent a boat or catamaran. I rented a boat several times, they are big and comfortable, unlike the catamaran, where you have to sit down in an uncomfortable chair and twist the pedals from which legs quickly get tired.

Every night in the sanatoriums passes disco. Usually they go in turn – one day in the Nargano bank, and in the other in the next sanatorium White Rus. Start of adult disco in 10.00, and a children’s disco for which children from the camp come every day, who live in the main building, and adolescents who came with parents on vacation.

Back we decided to go by bus. Pre-ordering tickets on a very modest auto car service. The bus was big and comfortable, and the roads were also quite good. And the ticket for one person costs 150 our rubles, and not at 700, as the driver said, who weighs us in Naro.

The train fell humble and even a bit poor. Glasses for tea were paid (1.30 rubles, but not in price) and terrible, because they were made of soft plastic, and it was not very comfortable with hot water. On the upper shelves there was no damper to not fall. Yes, and the conductory fell some nonsense.

After arriving in Moscow, I realized what was the beautiful Belarus, because there was so quiet and clean, unlike the capital of our homeland :)))

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