My India

In one of the evenings, we arrived in a small town hoping to find the night. Having traveled almost all hotels (just like Mr. Twister), made sure that there are no places. Vina was a holiday of lights – Diwali! Everyone wanted to see. Ourselves did not know why they circled around the city. On a deserted street, a lonely standing Hindu was noticed, a motorcycle lay next to him. Stopped, and our driver posted: they say, so you want to eat that we have nowhere to spend. Hindu raised the motorcycle, waved his hand – we followed him. Streets, alleys, turns, the car already barely placed on a narrow canvas. Stopped near the building of incomprehensible destination and agreed on a small board for the night. It was already sorely, tired and fell asleep quickly.

In the morning I was examined during breakfast (traditional tea with milk, delicious hot cakes). It turned out that we woke up in the Church of Ganesh (inside there are rooms for pilgrims) – Legal guests, on our happiness, delayed. Ganesh – a deity with an elephant’s head, patron of travelers (our option), God of success and wisdom. Ganesh call an elephant acting. Checked!

Here and think it was? I do not himself, Ganesh himself came to the aid of the desperate travelers from a distant cold country? And in the image of someone – it is not so important. Agree?

The second case occurred on the shore of a small lake. Locals, envy of tourists, gladly jumped into a lake with quite a big height. They liked our admiration for their courage and dexterity. Of course, everyone tried to take a photo, but this is a difficult task – a picture in motion. Sudden jump! I managed to catch a look of one Hindu, he realized that I want to remove his flight. He regained, while I am aimed. The photo turned out to be excellent, clear, atmospheric (for there is still relaxation, as not in flight).

    My India

  • Decision take parents
  • Be sure to make up a horoscope of young
  • The bride puts on Red Sari (which is interesting: the bride’s wedding robe in the ancient Slavs was also red, Krasno-Maiden!), in arms and feet they apply the patterns of henna
  • only vegetarian and dairy dishes are served
  • It is believed that at the wedding there is a combination of young people for seven of the following lives
  • The groom should appear on the horses (not from here whether the expression went – the prince on the white horse?)
  • Symbol of Married Woman – Red Dot on Luba, Bindi. The red dot is also often put in the temples, symbolizing the beginning of a new life

If the wife has survived her husband, her fate is sad: it is not called anywhere, it is believed that she brings unhappiness. In the ancient India, the widow often made Johshar. Say that now in the villages in the villages it happens, such is an ancient custom.

India is such a country that is always a little, one arrival is definitely not enough. In plans, I have Varanasi (the city of life and death) and Khajuraho (the temple complex dedicated to the art of love, famous for images from Kama Sutra). I hope everything will work out!

Inspired by the trip to this bright and distinctive country, I began to engage in Indian dances. A slice of hot india now with me even in cold Moscow.

My India

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