My flight experience in Dubai – Transaero and Emirates

We flew in Dubai Airlines Transaero and Emirates Airline. 5 hours for a cold winter flight to the hot summer and to the warm sea – it is very fast! Of course it is a pity that Transaero went bankrupt – they still went cheaper than emirates. Although Emirates Airline is more comfortable, there are convenient chairs in airplanes, even in economy class, and the knees are not very rest.

The only very surprised that food in the aircraft is not included in the flight price and ordered separately. Still, it is somehow strange for a our person – to start paying in flight, especially for the fact that on our airlines it goes into service. For the sake of justice it is worth noting that such a aircraft set is tastier than our "meat, fish, chicken", and the choice will be more. Well, those who will still decide to save always and at any airport will be able to carry sandwiches.

In the airport, Dubai at the arrival, passport control quickly works, and it pleases. The main thing is to correctly fill out a card for entry, the flight attendants distribute them even during the flight and help with filling. At the exit of the airport building, even there is some small store with alcohol – so if you forgot / did not have time to go to the our Duty Friend – you can buy something here, though the choice is quite small.

By the way, after the first visit to Dubai, the second time we decided to abandon the total transfer and go to the Dubai Metro – it’s really super convenient. The total transfer was terribly organized – it’s not very pleasant to lose so much precious holiday time on such nonsense – the crowd of people, everyone is nervous, the whole plane is independent of your tour operator tried to distribute only one person. And back to the airport, they also waited for a long time until the car arrives. Yes, and no one has canceled traffic jams. At the same time, at the airport there are exits at once to two metro stations. Also in the metro wagons are equipped with special places for suitcases. Therefore, if the hotel is located within walking distance of the subway – this is the best transfer option, and plus everything is cheap.

My flight experience in Dubai - Transaero and Emirates

But flying back from Dubai Airport – you get not just in the expectation zone, and in a huge shopping center. Here for you a lot of shops with everything you can bring from Arab Emirates – clothing, shoes, souvenirs, spices, toys and even sports equipment. Large electronic technology stores – an excellent range of photo technology, phones, robots, and all at very attractive prices. Of course there are shops with standard for our tourist with duty free – alcohol, chocolates, perfumery products. As well as many cafes, restaurants, and just machine guns with food and drinks. For such paradise shopaholic, a separate budget will be required.

Now a lot of people fly to the Arab Emirates – after closing the resorts of Egypt and Turkey – this country has become one of the alternative destinations on a short flight, but not at prices, of course. And it’s a little sad – I would not want to have a negative opinion about our tourists to develop the local population – how it happens on the mass resorts.

My flight experience in Dubai - Transaero and Emirates

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