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Personal example of life ************ Neticaria (Chernobyl), who has passed through the camp and prisons in his homeland, clearly indicates to all of us how to serve the Holy Church of Christ, Russia and the State – our people,

As pleased to store the true faith and how to protect the truth and the truth of God ". First Hierarch of the our Orthodox Church abroad Metropolitan Lavr († 2008).

In the early 1990s, the writing line of this was the first time, through Jordan, to visit the Holy Land. Could I excluded in my youth from Pioneers and a convinced anti-Sovetchik, assume that someday I will be "away" and I will be on the Holy Land? But the deliciousness of God was.

About the father of nectaries, his confessional path has heard a lot. The old man spent more than 20 years in the camps and prisons of Russia. Immediately decided to visit him, especially since we were settled in ************** Eleon. Arriving in the Ascension Monastery – as it should be, in our black spots, with the golden two-headed eagles embroidered on it, – was warmly met by nuns (some immediately spoke: "This is our pilgrim!").

There I met the nun by Veronica, who spent me to the father of Nectarius in a joiner’s workshop, where I was a narrowing of an ancient elder in a contractor and in the apron – ******************** Neticaries for Work on the lathe.

Seeing me, sinful, in my shirt, the father nectaries smiled and said: "And what, now everything is so in Russia in our dresses?"Then we went to him into a small Kelia, there a huge vintage lithographic poster hung over the iron bed, the death was depicted in the form of a skeleton with braza and inscription:" No one will avoid!"

It was very valued by a cross with a large particle of the Cross of the Lord, who was always blessed by pilgrims, especially from Russia.

The father nectaries welcomed the fall of the Bolshevik regime, but then I am warned: "Look, brethren and sisters, as if, after this," Freedom "did not introduce a" Trojan horse ", clothed in the Rise" Democratic ", and essentially destructive. After all, many in Russia think that the so-called "restructuring", sharp, shock and anarchic, supported by the outside, connects you to the water supply, and it should be thought: no matter how to sewage!".

Father nectaries believed in the union of our and foreign church. "We are in the church in our church (at home and abroad. A.) Much, but I believe: someday our our Orthodox mother-church will be united and indivisible, like the once of Holy Rus, to the joy of the Lord and the death of Christ and Russia enemies!"

Always with spiritual joy I remember the spiritual daughters of the father of Neticaria, especially Anna, who was at that time the prisons of the Gefseiman Resident. Now she is the foreman of the our Skita near Canberra in Australia. On this to us with the abbot of the church of the Saint Holy Spirit, Igumen Sergius (Rybcko), the first-herierah of the our Orthodox Church, abroad, Metropolitan Hilarion, was announced, when he was visiting Moscow. Vladyka recalled the father of nectaria, which he considers his spiritual father. He thanked Father Sergius (Fish), for his church publishing house recently released in the light of "Memories ************ Net" at the request of the believers of Russia and abroad.

In Jerusalem, Veronica Mother Veronica gave me a huge old key from the highest bell tower of Jerusalem, which is located in the our monastery of Eleon, and said: "Raise – there the beauty of the world. There will be you memory. We have two our candles in Jerusalem: this bell tower and father nectaries!"

My first visit to the Holy Land - as it was - Jerusalem, Israel Blogs and Travel Notes

Powered by the Lord Father Netary on the eve of the celebration of the memory of the PRP. Seraphim Sarovsky, who always and especially read, – July 31, 2000 g. At this time, in Jerusalem with a pilgrimage group, his longtime spiritual brother and friend, Lord Lavr (then another archbishop), who two days before the death of. Neticaries himself confessed him, cooled and passed, and after the death, he was sent off the bishine in serving six priests and protodiacon. All numerous spiritual sons and daughters of father nectaria, brethren and sisters and sisters of all our monasteries of the Holy Land, and representatives of the Jerusalem Patriarch, who really appreciated and loved the father of Nether, was prayed at this cathedral funeral.

Buried the righteous on his testament without a coffin and, despite the heat, his body did not exude any smells, there were no signs of body rocker, the hands remained warm.

After the death, he appeared in a dream one of the sisters of the hethymansky monastery, the spiritual daughter "in the bright clothes of the bishop and told her:" Now I am a bishop!"- and blessed with her bishop blessing" ("Orthodox Russia", 2000, № 19).

As a confessor of Our Faith, our Patriot and Square in Life, father Nectarius left her testament to all of us – the spiritual instruction, which is undoubtedly valuable for every our person living in Russia, and away from the homeland: "Dear Rube’s Light and Sisters, Warriors of Christ! "Look for first of all the kingdom of God and the truth of him," says Jesus Christ tells us.

With the currently created tragic position in his homeland, the main thing is to live on the faith of our Orthodox and pray to God about the restoration of the true royal power, which is from God, and the rest is connected with the devil, which can only do evil.
Holy ******************* on those who will go to the way – the truth of God!"

Yuri Nikolaevich Ageshchev,
our Savior-Voznesensky Monastery,
Mount Eleon, Jerusalem

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