My first trip to Africa

I will try to convey my impressions, and that you can also feel that I felt !
The trip was spontaneous, and began according to:
– and flew to africa?
– in Africa?
– Yes!
– fleet!
And now we are on the plane, and the first picture outside the window before landing, the highest extinct eldrelish of Africa – Kilimanjaro.

Minutes another 30 excellent flight and now we have stepped on the ground of Africa.
The impression of the airport is honest, this 🙂

My first trip to Africa

But thoughts, you understand, this is Africa, babe ! Akun Matata!
We pass passport control, make out a visa ($ 50) and here are the first words j a m b o. People in local costumes.
By body straight goosebumps! Can’t be in Africa. Emotions through the region.
We meet and we go to Kendva to the hotel (2 hours away), the picture outside the window scares . Facial expression is changing more and more, but you try to talk to yourself, this is Africa, this is Africa, everything is fine.

Picture sad, all around is such a terrible, poor. But people wipe you all ?, smile, shout Jambo, jumbo! They are so happy!
Children run barefoot on the road, with sincere smiles, emotions. "Butterflies" on the body more and more.
The child runs through the bus with sincere emotions, with a smile and suddenly . Stupid and falls . Fit the heart, but no! He rises with a smile and continues to run with the same emotions.
Emotions through the region.
The impression is twofold: I want to go home and the local flavor fascinates and I want to know more than it is waiting for us on.
For 2 hours on a terrible road, we still get to the hotel, settle down and bullet to the ocean!
Oh my God. I can `t believe my eyes! In the eyes of tears come on, you ask you to be limited . And yes, this is a reality, here it is the Indian Ocean with white sand.

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