My first flight experience with Emirates Airline in 2000

This interesting comment left on our site user under the pseudonym "BigProffi". The comment turned out to be overly voluminous and meaningful, and we transfer it to the text from the review page "How much to fly to the UAE" to a separate page of our site.

We express a lot of gratitude to Mrs. "Bigproffi" for this informative comment:

Thanks for the cognitive information. I am glad that airlines in the UAE succeed, and the crisis did not touch them. It seemed to me that after the ruin of the main developer of the country, the tourist business was not in the best position. I mean the company that was engaged in the construction of luxury housing – those washers with chic bungalows and apartments. It is good that tourists are still visiting the country. Otherwise, airlines would not make sense to expand and upgrade the park.

By the way, the author did not mention the article on the technical characteristics of A380. And some of them will be interested in readers. Imagine that the height of the vessel is 24 meters, length of almost 73 meters, and the wing span is almost 80 meters! This is a giant! A380 is able to fly without landing up to 15 thousand km.

My first flight experience with Emirates Airline in 2000

Today, such possibilities of the modern vessel are not perceived as something extraordinary. But if you remember the heroic flight of the legendary Soviet aviator Chkalov with the crew in 1937, then you realize what heights reached modern aviation. Let me remind you to compare: the first non-winst flight lasted 63 hours. The length of the route from the USSR (Moscow) to the United States (Vancouver) – 9130 km. Compare 15 thousand and 9! In 1937 it was an achievement: the imperfection of aircraft equipment and the harsh climate of the Far North did not allow to overcome long distances. Thanks to the legendary flight, Chkalov and the team became famous for the whole world. And today, non-overwhelming flights do not cause surprise to distances. "That’s what the technique has reached!" (with). I hope that we will continue to surprise the world and return to the leading position in the production of civilian aircraft.

As for Emirates, it is especially close to me only because of the only flight. He remembered to me for life. It was my first journey on the ship of this carrier. Say that I was amazed – say nothing! It was in 2000, the Internet at that time was not as widespread as today. Planning the routes were difficult, so I had to contact Offline Cash. And if the tickets pick up a person who did not teach geography … Yes, I was not lucky. Sri Lanciec went well in school. The result of his ignorance in 2000 is my incomplete and unbearable long flight home: Colombo (Katukullka Airport) – Male (Maldives) – Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Amsterdam – Moscow.

In Dubai, we flew on the Sri Lankan Airlines plane. By the way, in my opinion, in the next 2001 year, this Lankan carrier was recognized as the best in Asia. Good company, but does not reach the level of Emirates. After a 10-hour stop, we flew further along the route, but moved to the airbus carrier Emirates. The model is not remembered already, but at that time this aircraft only released. An indelible impression produced screens built into the backrests of seats. And level of service: if other companies offered meat-fish, then in Emirates issued a menu where there was a choice between Asian and Western dishes. Now, of course, you will not surprise anyone like "innovations", but it was in 2000! So the flight remained in memory forever.

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