My experience of flights with Ryanair

As for my travels with this Lou-bonfire, it is only one flight to round digit 10, but still ahead! In the meantime, I think I can share my useful experience in communicating with Ryanair, because each flight has taught me a lot and made me make certain conclusions on the use of this airline on your travels.

So, first of my acquaintance with the Irish discounter occurred in 2008, when we bought tickets on Tampere route – Frankfurt – Milan and directly directly from Milan in Tampere.

Flight Tampere – Frankfurt (Hann) helped me to make me a very important conclusion: never again fly from this Finnish airport, because too far. The road from St. Petersburg to Tampere seemed to have lasted only eternity, although in fact it takes about 8-9 hours without strong traffic jams on the border. And then this pleasure turned out for us not very expensive (only 27 euros), since it was possible to "fit out" into a micro-bus, which was entirely bought at the group of our friends.

Flight Frankfurt (Hann) – Milan (Bergamo) forced my friends, and followed me, make certain conclusions at the preparation for traveling. How I learned in the consequence, we had two tickets for this route: for the day of flight from Tampere and the next day in case of a strong delay of the first flight. So my friends prepared for a possible breakdown of a non-co-flight transplant. And I was very worried about ignorance when the departure of Tampere was detained for 20 minutes! By the way to the transplant we had only 2.5 hours that, in my opinion, a little risky.

Flight Milan (Bergamo) – Tampere confirmed the conclusion made earlier that I won’t fly more from Tampere. In addition, to get there for a very long time, on the way back it turned out to be very expensive for us. This time the price tag was completely standard – 50 euros in one direction (although it happens 45 euros). By disadvantaged calculations, we get 90-100 euros for there, and adding the cost of the flight, we understand that you can fly away from St. Petersburg for the same money. To do this, you only need to catch the sale of tickets, and you can find such where the luggage and power on board will be included! Of course, in 2008, such shares were several times less than today, but now they are, but the price tag for transfer to Tampere remained the same.

The next date with the Ryanair-Ohm happened in 2009, when the first aircraft of the beloved Low-Koster flew from the closest to the our-Finnish border of the town of Lappeenranta. Not to participate in this great event would be an unforgivable omission! And we flew, but this time the route was simple: Lappeenranta – Dusseldorf – Lappeenranta.

Flight Lappeenranta – Dusseldorf (Veice) Shocked only by one-airport in Lappeenran. Here, for the first time in my life, we saw the waiting room out of four seats))) On our happiness, the flight was morning and managed to sit at the airport dining room (yes, it was the "dining room"!) because this establishment establishment has a lunch break! In general, the airport surprised, but it was possible to take free bags for packaging liquids in hand baggings!

Flight Dusseldorf (Veice) – Lappeenranta Forced us to laugh to laugh, and subsequently know yourself in one famous video about the packaging of things in the size of the hand baggage (you can see it here: http: // Youtube.COM / Watch?v = klnlqdpdyli). Yes yes, everything was so! Socks, coarsed in the tube and shoved in shoes, became just a hit of the air-season 2009)))

Werez Airport also "funny", because on 10 girls on statistics 9 guys for several dozen passengers, waiting for early morning flights, there was all a couple-triple of benches, which the language does not turn to call the "waiting room". I had to spend the night on a comfortable sofa cafe for 2.7 euros tea with a person. But I must say that we are still very lucky: afterwards I read a lot of sad stories that the cafe, and then the whole airport, closes overnight. Therefore, I advise you to clarify this information in advance on the site of the airport.

And finally, the apogee of my love for Ryanair was last year’s trip to Spain, after which I decided that we need to break up: ‘- (since it was already late to search for an inexpensive flight from St. Petersburg late, I decided to fly Irish Lou-bonfire from Riga on the following route: Riga – Frankfurt – Palma de Mallorca and back from Barcelona with a night-transfection in Frankfurt again to Riga.

Flight Riga – Frankfurt (Hann) He taught me to two things: Never fly out of Riga again and always print two copies of the landing coupons. About Riga is understandable – expensive and long, and all these are "magnificent" our roads and no less "beautiful" buses of Ecolines. The way to one end took from us 11 hours of life and 30 euros of money, the nervous cells were not counted. And after it was necessary to get from the city to the airport, which was also not very convenient.

History with landing coupons and killed at all, but then resurrected and eventually it turned out "Happy End". On Visa / Passport Check, we got to the girl who wanted to a thoroughly check and the weight, and the size of our hand-made bag and … Well, yes, the bag was not the form, although in the reptile state it was supposed to be placed in the "frame")) However, the airport employee It did not satisfy, and we left reacfactant, not by goodwill leaving her landing coupons. And when you returned – the ladies are already a trace.. together with our landing. But! I had a second copy, which we immediately presented a girl on the next rack, and she, not even thinking to check our manual sting, quickly slapped stamps "Visa Check". The only unpleasant consequence of this incident was the fact that then we wanted us through the speakerphone throughout the airport. It can be seen, remembered our left boarding pass at the Visa Check rack, but we no longer need it!

Flight Frankfurt (Hann) – Palma de Mallorca It took place almost 4 hours after we flew from Riga, so even a significant delay in the first flight would not be frightened by us – time was enough. However, in Frankfurt, we still found, for what to wander.

First, I decided to monitor security control, which was closed to the fact that the size of the package in which the fluids are folded did not match the established, although the volume of liquids was absolutely as part of the rules. We were already sent to buy the right package, but we have schitri and stood up in another turn to security control, where more adequate people worked and not to cling to nothing.

The following surprise was waiting for us in the hall immediately before entering the landing, where special airport workers selectively checked the weight of hand baggles from passengers. If everything was in order, the controller hung on a bag with a tag with the cherished inscription "Hand-Bag Checked", if not – probably sent you to pay for baggage. Since our hand-made embarrassment was embarrassed only in size, and by weight was absolutely within the law, the tags were closed without problems. However, we, being terrible "plush", after the flight decided to preserve them, which later saved us if not life, then at least 40 euros and a bunch of nerves, but I will tell about it a little further!

Flight Barcelona (Girona) – Frankfurt (Hann) It turned out probably the most extreme in my life, after which I promised myself to never fly out of the beautiful South European countries at least without one baggage for two. The fact that we were deprived of the opportunity to bring home the magnificent Spanish wine, for some reason did not save us from exceeding the hand-made norm and weight, and in size. However, buying luggage to our plans was not in any way, and it turned out to be a very serious mistake!

My experience of flights with Ryanair

At the Girona airport, it would seem, everything was supposed to pass without problems. Since Visa / Passport Check was located in a separate window, and not as usual on the luggage stand, then no one became checking our manual sting. However, we could not imagine that malicious control expects us not somewhere, but directly before entering the landing, where the possibilities of buying baggage will definitely not be. After checking the boarding coupons, we were asked to put a manual lay in the "Frame", where it naturally did not fit. We were given a second chance, and the next attempt turned out to be more successful, but at the same time I had to unload half the contents of the bag. And when the checking has noticed the catch, we were already on the floor of the way to the plane and only heard her screams to us. As a result, everything ended well, but I will never forget, as we fled on a flying field:
– She runs for us?
– I do not know, I do not want to look around!

As you can see, the portion of adrenaline can be obtained not only during the flight))

Flight Frankfurt (Hann) – Riga became "control in the head" for me, although now he remembers laugh. At first, we were waiting for a long and cold night – enough time to transplant, so as not to be late for the second flight)) as such a waiting room at Frankfurt Airport, there are only separate benches, but it is impossible to sleep on them. All wines are terrible armrests and slippery plastic from which seats are made.

The next test was the same security control, which in two weeks was clearly called even more. This time, "Having wrapped up" me in one queue, checking began to follow, so that I do not get into another. I had to go to the airport infopuncture and buy a package of the established size for 50 eurocents. However, it was known in advance that all fluids, the total volume not exceeding even 800 millilitres, shove into this package will not be able to. Help solve the problem of the lady in the infopurnal refused, so I had to find a way out of the situation: the smallest jars I simply pulled out from the package and put in a bag, and with the rest I took at least the covers that also occupied the place.

As a result, the control was almost passed, closed only to two 100-millilitone souvenir bottles of wine, which at their own risk I decided to leave in a bag. One of them was still discovered, then they thought for a long time in the inscription on the label, I explained that it was just wine and.. I missed me, without even saying a word about what it had to be present at the inspection in a separate package!

Finally, only control remained when leaving. Here I remember the bars saved from the past flight "Hand-Bag Checked", we immediately knocked them on the bags, and then the checking later went for a long time and mowed on us: it seems to have not weighed our bags, and the bills are already hanging on them))) however frightened by control in Zhyrone, this time we decided to take nearest to the landing on the aircraft. Therefore, my dual-kilogram hand-made handle was evenly distributed between pockets and a hooded jackets. And my fellow traveler turned out to be temporarily "a pregnant" camera, for consupportiveness wrapped in a towel))) But the control when landing, as the last time, did not turn out, and we calmly flew back to Riga!

So, having passed from Ryanair-Ohm, water and copper pipes, which he himself arranged for me, I made my list of flight rules with this Lou-bonfire:

– I sing flights, it is always necessary to leave 3-4 hours between them and think over your actions in case of a possible delay in a transplantation;
– It is important to evaluate your strength and opportunities of the airport at night transplant;
– Be sure to get a bag or a suitcase, clearly suitable for the size of the hand-made bag;
– Or buy a jacket with large pockets and a hood)
– When traveling to those countries from where you want to take a lot of alcoholic and not very souvenirs, to buy at least one luggage on the way back;
– just in case you always have a bag of liquids strictly installed (and a ruler for verifying)))
– Do not be lazy to print two copies of the landing coupons;
– be prepared for weight control and hand-made size from the moment of entering the airport and before you pull into your chair in the aircraft;
– and just fly Ryanair-Oh no more than once a year to care your nerves)

In conclusion I would like to say that in fact flights with state employees are not as terrible as their little. The most important thing here is to study all the rules for the purchase of tickets and flights on the official website of the company, and in case of failure to pay any conditions to be prepared for it. And more: treat all the fades of the Lou-fires with a good share of humor, because without it will fly very sad)

My experience of flights with Ryanair

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