My dream. Taj Mahal

The first day of impressions alone I think everyone starts equally – noise, car traffic on the roads (as it does not crash into each other?), hotel coolness.

But I still had a blessing in the temple of Lakshmi, be sure to remember that the entrance to the temples barefoot, this is respect for the listeners and the temple

Kutb Minar in Delhi is the highest minaret world in the world.
Unique Monument of Early Indo-Islamic Architecture. The reasons for its construction still remain unknown: some believe that he personifies the victory and the beginning of Muslim Board in India, while others say that it was used to call believers to prayer.

The tower is covered with bizarre carvings and verses from the sacred Quran. On the territory there are other interesting historical monuments, walk, do not regret the time.

This is one of my favorite portraits – the seller of happiness, sells golden jewelry straight on the street, transported his store on a bike, created in the Red Fort area in Delhi

Getting out of Delhi getting completely different

In the cities and villages of India, there are no wood houses, they are expensive simply, not every family can afford them. In Varanasi, for example, they are used only in the crematorium.

Cook food on fires most often has to?

Here are the elderly family members and children collect manure, roll over the cakes, dried them on the facades of houses or other surfaces – after they add to the bone under the semblance of the still

Songs and stories, myths and legends are still reading all romance, the history of construction is scary to read, and what he turns over with the years is still sad

But still this is the greatest symbol of love even after death. Really wanted to go there, the fact that this trip was for the sake of him I spoke for a whole 3 years.

And because of the turn of the road at the dawn of the Sun, he appeared, could not resist and began to shoot. It is beautiful, this is the creation of human hands. then the first feeling that I experienced to see him, it’s like the first in love, you know that it is and here you see her and feel that step without thinking and fooling

Oh it was beautiful

Palaces at the edges of the Taj Mahal are built in strict semetry, it is the robbles of other wives of Shah Jahan, and the drawings are chic around the perimeter of buildings, the mini version can be seen here

My dream. Taj Mahal

No less impressive and red fort agry

Hall of private audiences Diwan-I Khass (Khas Mahal), the ceiling of which is kept on 32 carved columns

Diwan-I-Aam Hall for receptions and here the emperor recreated on his beautiful Takht-I-Murassa throne

From the built Palaces of Akbar still preserved only one – Jahangiri Mahal. The remaining buildings were demolished Shah – Jahan.

And there is still a legend that in the courtyard Courtyard Palace Machchi Bhawan was once a swimming pool with fish, and now a simple lawn.

Khas Mahal with a vineyard adjacent to him, Shish Mahal Mirror Palace, Fortress and Jasamin Tower (Musamman Burj)

If suddenly you did not know, there are 2 tomb inside the Taja: Shah and his wife Ardjuman Banu Bemum, which are located in the ground under Kenotafy (these are two marble coffins). In Kenotafe Shah there is an inkwell, and wives – the surface for the letter. These details symbolize that a man writes his wishes on the heart of a woman.

My dream. Taj Mahal

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