"My cat is a thief": American woman shared her pet and returned his neighbors stolen things

Kate Felmet from Oregon (USA) "issued" his nurse by Esmy. Next to his home she put a sign with the inscription: "My cat is a thief. Please take your things ". On the lounge rope next to the sign, the girl milked gloves, swimsuits and other items that Esmy stole from the neighbors, writes The Mirror.

The cat was addicted to "theft" last spring. In one of the days, Esmy brought home 11 medical masks.

"I was so glad that she brought a bird or another dead prey, that even praised her and gave her a treat. When Esmy brings something home, she sits at the back door and begins to go loudly until I approach her and I will not say that she worked well, "says the mistress of Esmy.

After masks, the cat began to wear home gloves. And also on one pair, it was not stopped by: Esmy dragged her mistress for several couples per day.

My cat is a thief

"It started when he washed and we began to work in the garden. Esmy began to bring gloves. First brought one one, then necessarily leaving for the second. For all the time she brought me a few swimsuits, painting rollers, segments of fabric and knee pads, "Kate says.

The strangest items that Esmy brought their mistress is an old camera that neighbors kept in the garage, and fucking bats. The owner of the last thing Kate never found.

First, the girl pollrew the neighbors independently: did they lose any things lately. Then she decided to establish a sign from her home and spend all the remaining items on it.

My cat is a thief

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