My beautiful sea

One February evening, when the street was dark, as if in a cave, a blizzard howled and anxious to escape in a cozy apartment in the empty office, I phoned a friend: "Hey! Two weeks later, flying over the Red Sea. Finally, try a brand new Photobox! You’ve been there more than once. Tell me how there? What is there for the diving? What to take?". Call a friend who had gathered in their first "underwater" expedition, snatched me from the workweek routine and forced to weather the storm of different emotions. From elementary envy that someone will soon dive into the blue water, as long as you pore over the papers in his office – to nostalgia and delight at the memory of their diving in this amazing place.

I remembered the sun, quietly rising over the leaden water mirror that esch not warm, but only some stains surrealistic color neighborhood of Hurghada, sleepy hotel and white boat, like gulls, asleep on the coastal waves. Martian landscape outside the fence of the hotel and endless turquoise waters of the desert, in which you get when the boat takes you to the islands, repeating alien landscapes shore. Only the lonely lighthouse remind us that this is also a man of ownership.

But everything changes when you close up on blue waves!

Thousands of air bubbles, silver meteoric blowin ‘up, and you’re like Alice in Wonderland, falling down. In the blood raging adrenaline hot body cools down from the gentle touch of water jets, joy want to sing and laugh, you see your partner and you realize that he is experiencing similar feelings.

And now we are plyvm – no fly, slowly fingering flippers over one of the wonders of the world – coral reef!

Imperceptibly time passes, it is time up, after rising bubbles. We go up to the sun, wind and smells that tease our sense of smell obostrnnoe. Tanned to black hands help you to get out of the water, in your hands, as a magic wand, a cup of burning black tea arises, a sip of which returns you to reality. Magic odors apply to category – lunch!

Afternoon afternoon maneuvers: someone climbs into the shadow, someone fell on the sun, tired of simple, but satisfying food. The boat goes to another reef, the team is more similar to Ginov from the bottle than on the sailors, Murlychantly under the nose "O! Habi B!", occupied by the fact that it is necessary to do ginam – it works. But, as approved by Ginov, work should not occupy the sun. The boat moored, dishes removed, on the stern order, and a detachment of barefoot sailors smokes on a tank.

A few minutes later, the second immersion, and you still doubt: maybe it was necessary to put a lens on camera "fish eye"? And again repeats the ritual of dive, but only the sea itself is another. The sun has already passed Zenit, and under water, as in the theater, when the curtain is raised after intermission, the aircraft has changed: the old scenery is removed, and the scene looks not at all as at the beginning of the performance. But any performance comes to an end. Mentally saying goodbye to the dance of multi-colored fish, we go to the boat.

Dares in front of the eyes, a boat, driving engines, already mooring to the berth, and you go ashore, which once again wondering. The evening will be held for dinner in the company of friends, with coffee and memories of the spent. And at night, coming to bed, fall asleep as killed, with one thought in my head: "Tomorrow again into the water!"

– Let’s look at the slides, "I said to my friend, – Comments to photos, can give more useful information.

And on the screen, as if from the twilight of the depths, there were a smiling smile of Cheshire Cat Muren, the orange fireworks exploded the stakes of antias over the giant fan coral lady. Pensive, stone perch, disturbed by curious divers, was majestically sailed over the screw of the sunken ship, and the playful dolphins at the surface itself, slyly looking at people, staged a game in the catch. But the lion’s fish, confident in his reliable protection, waving his beautiful, but poisonous feathers, as a professional fashion model posing in front of the lens.

Water is surprisingly transparent and in color almost no different from the blue sky.

When you consider photos, the details of past dives come to remember – you leave this reality, as if you descend again under the water. Here is the reef Sharab Abu Nuhas, the famous cemetery of sunken ships. Every day, dozens of divers, from different boats, dive here from dawn to sunset. Reef is located on the main ship road leading to the Suez Bay. The wreckage of the three ships, sunken in this and last centuries, lie so close that if desired, you can see all three per dive.

My beautiful sea

As always, my partner and fashion model was Brother Sergey. "Today, a strong course!" – warned the captain of the boat while we dressed gear. We enter into the water, and, clinging to the forever abandoned in the water, make sure it is right. I have to dive as quickly as possible, otherwise we will take away from the sunken ship. Seconds – and we are already in the saving shadow of the dry cargo "Giannis D", who sank on April 19, 1983, stumbled upon Reef; His body closes us from current. We found themselves at the stern fragment of a ship lying at the foot of the reef, at a depth of 27 meters. The top of the ship mast is only a few meters will not reach the surface, dive-bots moored to it. The left side, which the ship was dangerous, firmly in the sandy soil. Launched at the pile of stunned iron, which once was the tricks "Janis Di", We admire this dramatic view. The beauty of the underwater world and the human tragedy merged together, and now the stentered ship is not perceived as the creation of man’s hands. This is part of the reef, which is already caught by fish, corals and other, large and small, countless inhabitants of the sea.

We decide to bypass the ship along the left side, in the mysterious shadow "Grott", educated by inclined ship and bottom. The flow of such a strong thing is that we have to swim at the bottom, working with all my might. Under the ship, notice major fish parrots. Typically, very mobile and something like that, here they were clogged into the most gap under the ship. Probably, they also get tired to deal with. The godda of the ship hangs over us and instinctively, I want to swim more quickly, although you understand that only the Satanian power of the hurricane can be shifted from the spot, and there is nothing to be afraid. With one hand holding the camera, another help myself swim against the current, grabbing and pulling up for different rusty pieces. Finally, we reached the stern, sailing over the anchor swans. We rise higher and pass through the right side. The fight against the course has moved to another phase: now you need to work with flippers to stay in one place. Sergey demolides straight on the ladder lying on board. Now the ladder is more like a shelf for growing stock colors, on which soft corals have grown. I take a picture, cease to work with flops, and takes me further, past the gaping black and emers of knocked out the portholes, past the ages of paddle antiaces, to the inaccessible weave of the metal structures of the ship adduration. Slow by a large smoke tube, in which it pulls out, and we turn out to have a ship cutting. Through empty windows, cutting a bluish, shimmering sunlight. Through the door prom, in the middle of the cut, I saw a lonely fish "Bat mouse". It is still hanging in the thicker of calm water, formed by the closed space of cutting, as if basking under the rays of the sun. The body of the fish, the striped, covered with silver scales, seems to be somehow unreal among these empty rusted walls and scraps of electrical wires. From a minute I admire this, fantastically beautiful picture, and suddenly, some diver swims into the window cutting, scares my fish and destroys the charm of the moment. Unfortunately, not all divers understand the difference between cycling and snorkeling. No need to hurry anywhere! The more often you will stop, the more interesting you will see.

We still walked along the labyrinths of the deckal structures and, making sure that the air reserve is suitable for the reserve, seized for five-meter depth, to stop the security. Cooking with hands for a huge, P-shaped design, hanging over the ship, covering a look from the top, its most part. The current waves us as flags in a good wind, exhaust air bubbles instead of climbing up, carry out the flow for our backs. I see such for the first time. Computer on hand shows another minute at a depth. Finally, I look through the camera’s viewfinder to the inclined chimney of the ship – from not idst "smoke"! Scablasts from another boat decided to examine this part of the ship, and "smoke" exhaled bubbles, loop stretched over the whole ship. The last frame is made, and we, tightly grabbing for the mooring end, begin the lift.

It was a wonderful immersion! For these fifty minutes, flying quite imperceptibly, we saw so much, and so little! I think that in the Red Sea, you can dive, in the same place all my life, and every time, the Sun will be in a new way interesting.

During all my dives, I looked at the reefs of the Red Sea through the viewfinder of the underwater camera "Nikonos V". Prior to that, it was the Japanese Sea, Lake Baikal, the Black Sea, the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Arab Emirates. But the first dive, which took place five years ago on the reefs, next to Hurghada, made a stunning impression on me. The finger continuously pressed the camera to the trigger button, trying to capture the sun, which came to the eyes. The result of these verses pleased me like the author, not long. Photos in Western magazines and underwater photography manuals differed apart from my. After studying special literature, I concluded: it is necessary to study. And learning, as you know, consists of theory and practice. Better practice than letters in the Red Sea, in my opinion, for a beginner underwater photographer not to find. In one dive, you can find objects of machine from tiny, with marigolds, colored naughty mollusk, to handsome dolphin. And sunken ships? Here are truly inexhaustible.

One who once dived in the Red Sea will again and again return to these turquoise waters, flocks of fish, coral labyrins and housings of sunken ships. Perhaps from a smile of a dolphin, we all will become a little kinder, and the beauty will save our cruel world. Probably, for this, we climb under the water with cameras, trying to convey to those who stayed at the top that there are still something else in the world, except for the mundane and chase for material well-being.

– I can not believe, – said my buddy, – that, the whole thing I will see my own eyes soon.

My beautiful sea

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