My beautiful Audrey

We must admit that the tourist’s view is sometimes too biased towards separately taken places. That’s what happened to me in the city of Morzha. When in twenty minutes drive from Lausanne I went out on the platform, I felt a little disappointment: Village. Streets are empty, houses are the same as everywhere in the small towns of Switzerland – white, beautiful, but that’s all I have already seen. Here once a year, in May, the tulip festival passes. But now June, tulips beat away. That we forgot here?

It turns out that it is not far from here, in the village of Tolochenaz, there is a small villa of La Paisible, at which a low woman lived about 27 years old, with black hair and the most beautiful eyes in the world. Her name was Audrey Hepburn. Sounds like the beginning of a long forgotten fairy tale. In fact, it is. After some time, the city, like a children’s cardboard book, is revealed by fan of frozen scenes.

Here is a small church in which Audrey got married for his second husband, 30-year-old doctor Andrea Dotty. There was a sunny day, the actress arrived here by car with her son Sean. It was a pink brazer and a dress in the tone, the audience welcomed lovers … All this is not my assumptions, but fixed photofacts. Old black and white photos are shaved on the walls of the Bolle Foundation, where until August 26, the exhibition passes "Audrey Hepburn and her life". Here and the work of the paparazzi, who hunted her, and family pictures. The exposition is very small, but it is closely related to the city, which is increasingly beginning to revive.

Passing by the church, Audrey turned left, coming under the nose of Moon River, was part of a small shop where he bought her favorite chocolate. "She came here alone, or with her husband and children, or brought guests", Says Mr. Meyer, the owner of the confectionery. "I was then a kid, but I remember that she was always friendly and not at all".

  • Old black and white photos
  • Exposition is very small
  • Chocolate Audrey
  • My beautiful Audrey
  • Exhibition in the Museum Alexis Forell

Mayer’s parents were Audrey friends and once they decided to create chocolate in her honor. The actress herself chose the taste for Praline and gave permission to use his name. So Audrey chocolate appeared. Packed in a box with a photo of Hepburn, bandaged with a pink ribbon, can be considered the best souvenir from the city of walrus. Every year, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, Mr. Meier sends 20,000 such boxes in Japan, where the incredible cult around the actress name is still.

The fact that the Japanese love Audrey can be seen at the exhibition, which is open at the Alexis Forel Museum. Here are dozens of covers from Japan with the image of the favorite actress and photographs of advertising panels of companies that exploit its image. Nearby, a copy of a small black dress was put up, what was created by the givens for her role in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany’s". The original dresses was sold at Christie’s auction in 2006 for a record at that time &# 163; 467,200. In the rest of the halls of the museum you can see photos from the filming of different films, dolls issued in honor of Audrey, posters.

Two hours later, the city is no longer such a faceless and uninteresting, as at the beginning. Mirage actresses across the streets and it seems that now you have lived a small one, but the bright life of that very Audrey.

To be Hepburn

Five steps to odroformation

    Go to the main temple of the city of Morzha. From here on January 18, 1969, the actress went under his arm with Andrea Dotti.

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