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Honestly, I always wanted to visit Israel. Before my trip, this country seemed to me an economically developed state in the Middle East, with a richest history associated primarily with religions. How much time is needed for exploring the country?

My acquaintance with the country began with Tel Aviv – now this is the financial center of the country. The city was surprised by his skyscrapers, dynamic rhythm of life, some kind of cosmopolitanity … and at the same time it feels something eastern, something mysterious. And very close to Jaffa – a historic tourist center with his workshops, galleries, excavations.

The next destination was Jerusalem – the capital of Israel. The city of the world, the city of three religions, simply amazes with their appearance, atmosphere. Walking around the old town, as if you get a witness of historical events that the city is so rich!

Bethlehem – the sacred city, being part of the Palestinian Authority, and today he lives his difficult life. The church of the Nativity of Christ attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims.

Going to the north of the country, Galilee, Carmel, Nazareth, more and more often remember biblical legends. Here in many places you feel a peace and some kind of inexplicable feeling, something unusual ..

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Next, my route lay to the Dead Sea. Today the resorts of the Dead Sea are the largest SPA hotels, and the opportunity to get acquainted with the kibbans, national parks. In Ein-Bokek, I was very long sitting at night on the seashore. Its air is saturated with bromine ions.

The last my route was Eilat, a resort center on the banks of the Red Sea. By the way, it is very, very different from most of Israel. This is a truly modern city with an oceanarium, sandy and coral beaches, a place where life does not freeze for a second!

Did I have enough weeks for exploring Israel? Partly. To continue to open his secrets, I returned here in a year. This is a truly unique country in which there is a place and religious traditions, and an ultramodern fashion, where medicine walks with seven-world steps, and almost every place is a landmark!

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