Mway National Park (Mljet National Park)

MLJET National Park (Mljet National Park) – Located on the island of Mute, located in the Adriatic Sea in the south of Croatia, near Dubrovnik.

Area of ​​territory – 53.75 km², He takes an almost western third of the islands and is the oldest national park in all of Croatia (founded in 1960). More than 90% of the protected area is covered with dense forests – mostly pine and oak.

The main attractions of the Mlet, in addition to the unique untouched vegetable and animal world, are two salty lakes – a large (Veliko, an area – about 45 hectares, depth

46 m) and small (Malo, area – about 24 hectares, depth

29 m), as well as a rich underwater world of coastal waters (diving is popular here).

On the Big Lake is the island of Saint Mary, on which the old-fashioned old Benedictine monastery of the 12th century with the tiny church is located. This is perhaps the most interesting historical sights of Mlet.

Mway National Park (Mljet National Park)

Millet National Park includes several settlements – Pola&# 269; E (Tourist and passenger port, hence most excursions in the park), GOVE&# 273; ARI and POMENA (here is the only hotel island).

Island ecosystem has not suffered from the hands of people. For example, a big lake in the past was fresh, but the monks in the XII century joined him with the sea, because now it is salty.

And in 1909, the island of Mlet to combat poisonous snakes was taken by mangoshos, with the time of the ears of the damage not only snakes, but also wild birds. Now the natural balance has been restored, and mangoshos are one of the attractions of the reserve.

In addition to the mangowns in the middle of the last century, a lot of different animals were delivered here, including deer, hares and boars, the latter now became a closer, because they regularly empty vineyards of the inhabitants of the island.

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