Mustache, Paws and Tail – Important Documents

All the ancestors of vertebrate animals have a tail. Some of them in the process of evolution experienced his loss or significant resizing. Tails were superfluous for animals conducted by the cycle of their life under the ground, in thick shrub or sand. Therefore, the tails in such animals are either missing at all, or very small.

The tail in animals is the continuation of the spine, and therefore it is very sensitive (if someone comes on it – it is no less painful than if they came on the paw). Therefore, frostbite of such an important part for beasts can cost health or even life. At the tail with a relatively small volume relatively large surface that gives heat – so it is better to warm it than the other parts of the body. Natural selection led to the fact that in the conditions of harsh winters only those animals were survived, who had a fluffy tail.

Mustache, Paws and Tail - Important Documents

"Of course not in order to take tracks, as in a fairy tale. The tail – the organ is very important: he can serve as a balancer and a steering wheel during running, for example, a cheetah, another parachute when leaping from a tree. In the wolves, the tail says a lot about the position of the animal in a pack: he is proudly raised by the leader, and weak animals, outsiders, pressed it. Some beasts living in hot countries use the tail as an umbrella to hide from the scorching rays of the sun. Well, those who live in a cold climate, fluffy fur on the tail is simply necessary to not frozen it. Yes, and the tail itself, by the way, serves as a blanket in the cold, helping the beast curled in the ball will warm up.

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