Mustache and beard: Tell him "Yes"

Beard is prohibited to wear servicemen: "The execution of personal hygiene rules includes: a timely shaving of the face, hair haircut and nails.

The hairstyle of a serviceman, mustache, if available, must be neat, meet the requirements of hygiene and not interfere with the use of personal protective equipment and wearing equipment ". In the old charter, the beard was allowed only to officers and ensigns (Michmanam). In many ways, this requirement is due exclusively hygiene, but in it and security considerations and considerations are present: to face with a beard will not reliably impose a gas mask, which means that gas will be penetrated through the cracks inside.

Professional aviation excludes beard and mustache on the faces of pilots. Sometimes the pilot is required to wear an oxygen mask – with a beard she will feel bad. Thus, the beard will become a source of danger not only for the pilot, but also for passengers. The same applies to fire and rescuers – the gas mask will be loosened. Employees of the gas and oil industry at some deposits are also forbidden to wear a beard – because of all the same gas masks.

Beards are prohibited in some religions: None of those who in the meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses are beard cannot have "advantages" – for example, any position. Catholic clergymen prescribed not to have a freely growing beard.

Mustache and beard tell him yes

The International Boxing Association imposed an official ban on wearing a beard athletes-amateurs (not too busy mustache, however, allowed), but the beard wear is allowed. The only exception for lovers – Sikhi Fighters, but only if they wrap at the time of battle their beard in a dense mesh. Restrellars also can not be worn by beard – for security reasons: so that she does not hit anywhere and nobody slowed.

And in the city of Wezaki in Japan from May 19, 2010, officially banned servants of the municipality to wear a beard – simply because it is impossible.

Mustache and beard tell him yes

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