Mussera – A small village in Abkhazia, located on the Reserve territory. With confidence it can be argued that this is the most environmentally friendly area on the entire Black Sea coast. Musser is also different and amazing beauty landscape. This is the only one in Abkhazia, where the sea meets with the mountains, forming a rocky shore framed by a cozy narrow sandy beach.

Practically untouched by man Nature and amazing combination of mountain and sea air make Muser a great place to relax and restore forces. It is not surprising that it is here that one of the famous Abkhaz Daches Stalin is located, where many leaders of the former Soviet Union rested.

It is in small settlements such as Musser, the best life and traditions of the Abkhaz people have preserved, it is here that the most pretends are most remembered and observed. That’s why Rest in Mussere will not only be pleasant and healthy, but also very interesting and informative.

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What is interesting to see in Mussere?

Top sights Mussers

Cottage Stalin in Mussere

Mussers: excursions and events

In the boarding house «Mussera» There is a tour desk, which almost every day organizes excursions throughout Abkhazia.

Be sure to visit one of the cities closest to Musser — Ancient and mysterious Pitsunde. Pitsunda became famous for its pine forests and beautiful old temples. Especially attracted by Tourists Millennial Byzantine Temple — Andrei Cathedral of Andrei Promotional. In a huge building, you can love magnificent frescoes for a long time and listen to classical music. In the Cathedral, extraordinary acoustics: several human voices are capable of sounding here like a whole chor.

In Pitsunde, there is a rather unusual museum "Old mill". This is a private collection of a local resident George Hetzuriani, which is carefully kept by his heirs. The two-story building placed many exhibits of the countries of the former Soviet Union, most of all, of course, from the Caucasus expanses. This is the largest collection in Abkhazia, its inspection will cost 100 rubles. Full tours of Pitsunde, including the museum, will cost within 700 rubles.

Also close to Mussers are the legendary mountain lake Rice, — Very popular place among tourists. On the way to the lake, travelers admire the beauty of the Bzyb River, the ruins of the millennial fortress, picturesque waterfalls, azure water of a blue lake. Inspection of these magnificent objects lasts almost all day and costs about 800 rubles per person.

History of Mussers

Climate in Mussere

Mussers, Abkhazia Recreation, reviews, hotels Mussers Travel Guide

The subtropical climate of Abkhazia allows guests to stay in the Musser for a long time to enjoy the charms of the swimming season. But in its climate, Musser is somewhat different from the surrounding area. Firstly, there is absolutely no fogs for this country. This is due to the amazing properties of the local soil, in which water is practically not delayed. There is no strong tropical heat here, which can be confirmed by the weather in Mussere for months. TEXT running near the village works as a large natural air conditioner, providing a village in summer fresh comfortable air.

Musser: Entertainment and Active Rest

Clean transparent coastal waters Mussers — The perfect place for both diving and underwater hunting. Sea underwater life here reveals before divers in all its glory.

On land, good opportunities for sports are provided by the boarding house «Mussera». The boarding house has a sports and gym, there is volleyball and basketball courts, table tennis, indoor pool, badminton court. For lovers of outdoor activities, the best entertainment will be horses, mountain river rafting, paragliding flights, sea walks about hiking in the mountains, which offer tourist agencies Abkhazia.

Healing Air and Comfortable Temperature During the whole year, rest in Mussere is very useful for people with diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous and musculoskeletal system. In addition, of course, here successfully strengthen the health of vacationers with diseases of the respiratory organs: the local sea, pine forests and mountains will be the best natural lacari for them.

Transport features Muessers

Bus communication with settlements of Abkhazia Mussera is connected through the Gudauta district center. Buses go to Gudauta, and already from there the route taxi or a busing bus will be delivered to any other resort city.

Pitsunda is closer to Mussere, but you can only get there only by taxi. The remoteness of Mussers from the main highway of Abkhazia, many call the main disadvantage of the resort. However, this problem successfully solves taxi services, whose work in Abkhazia is quite good. You can order not only a car, but also a bus or cargo van. Calling a taxi by phone, experienced tourists advise immediately to negotiate — so it can get much cheaper.

Mussers, Abkhazia Recreation, reviews, hotels Mussers Travel Guide

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