Music Tower

In the province of Lower Austria, just an hour from Vienna, there are many interesting places to watch. And the music festival, which in the composition of the participants may well argue with Salzburg.

Under the clouds

From the castle of graphenegg, Soviet soldiers in 1945 were taken out almost all of the situation and library. Only writings of Lenin and Stalin in German, for which no one span. "Red Army women sent to Ukraine 22 wagons of furniture and art objects, "says the current owner of the castle Tassilo metternal-Sandor. – The fact that more precisely, got into Moscow, the rest burned". So the old environment in the castle was almost no left, but he was preserved (extravagant and somewhat late Gothic fantasy of the XIX century) and a park with exotic trees like Ginkgo and Sequoia.

The charm of the castle is not so much in his past, how much in the future. The park is towering the so-called clival tower, similar to a multifaceted pipe. With a certain light, it is similar to a monumental sculpture, and sometimes it is almost not visible due to partially reflective light steel. But come closer – and you will see that the tower is prescribed above the orchestral jama. Here is an open visual hall for 1650 seats. This summer graphegg will be the venue for a representative musical festival. At the opening ceremony, Pianist Alfred Brendel, Soprano Rene Fleming, orchestras under the control of Zubin Meta and Valery Gergiev, Composer and Conduger Krzysstof Penderec.

Become grapes

I stopped in Cami kilometers from graphegga, at the Loisium Hotel, which proudly calls himself "Wine and spa resort". On the background of painted in pastel tones of baroque village Langen … Cubic buildings of the hotel look pretty unexpected. In one of the cubes there is a museum of wine. At first I had some doubts about him – I read in the guide that "Visitors are offered to feel like grapes, which runs the path from the berries to the fermentation chane". But the multimedia show – dancing water, sound and light effects – turned out to be very english. From there you move through the labyrinth and find yourself in the yard, surrounded by housekeepers houses, furniture in which exactly the same as the eyelids. From Loisium you can walk to the restaurant Heurigenhof. This place is similar to the British Pub, there are simple dishes and wines from the estate of Brunelmaer. The owner of one of the main Austrian vineyards Willy Bindelmaer is a big fan of the American composer John Cage and the hereditary winemaker (his family is engaged in winemaking from the XVII century).

Music Tower

Near HEURIGENHOF There is a small wine restaurant Khagherov brothers. Food here without delights, like wines, but very tasty. Especially good roosile. This animal brothers do not like, because the roar eats their grapes. It is better to have a deal with her, Khaghera consider when it is filed in the form of a goulash with a pumpkin.

Hip-hop in church

Neighborhood of old and new, generally characteristic of this corner of Austria, especially striking when you compare churches in two nearby towns. Durnstein is more like a tourist paradise – here are full of small souvenir shops, on the shore of the Danube is a typical medieval church. During the fog, she acquires a truly fabulous look. After seven kilometers down the river – Baroque city of Krems with a medieval church, which is decorated with frescoes of the XIV century. There are avant-garde installations and give concerts of experimental music, jazz and abstract hip-hop. So what you do not expect in the Austrian outback!

Music Tower

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