Music season on waterfall in Imatre

At the Waterfall Imatrankoski in the Finnish city of Imatra, the summer season began. Daily at 18:00 Waterfall will be launched to the music of various composers. The show lasts 20 minutes, you can admire it until August 24.

The waterfall was formed about 4500 years ago, when the water masses of Lake Saima struck the elevation chain in the area of ​​the modern village of Vuoksenniska (Vuoksenniska). Since 1743, after Imatra entered the our Empire, the waterfall has become a popular tourist holiday destination; He was even called "Finnish Niagara". In 1842, by Decree of the Emperor Nikolai I, the territory around him was declared a coronary park (Kruunpuisto), in 1903 the castle hotel Valtionhotlli was built.

Music season on waterfall in Imatre

After the revolution of 1917, the flow of tourists is dried, and Finns decided to overload the waterfall of the dam. Now for most of the year, Imatrankoski does not work: the water here flows only in the summer season, as well as for special cases – for example, in honor of the new year. Today, on Thursdays and Sundays, the waterfall will be included to the music of the Finnish author of Sibelius. On Wednesday and Saturday you can listen to the songs of the Finnish metal band Nightwish, on Tuesday and Friday – DJ tracks DARUDE.

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