Music, Sea, Sunset and Cafe Del Mar

This summer made me a little sentimental. Having moved to a new place of residence, where birds are chirped outside the window, now I spend the evening, placing a laptop on the windowsill and listening to Café Del Mar compilation.

Instead of the noise of the sea, I listen to drinking frogs at the nearest pond, the sunset hide the tall trees and birchings, and instead of lazily roll on the beach with a cocktail in her hands, I brag.

But nothing to complain about. I even see my charm in such wonderful evenings.

Listening to the fuck number of my favorite lounge music, I finally thought about her origin. Whom I have to thank you for these wonderful sounds other than downloads who violated all copyrights, pour albums to different sites?

And I have to thank I owe the first DJ and the inspirer Café Del Mar Jose Padilla, which from ordinary cafe made a world-known brand. It forces millions of tourists to come to Ibiza only in order to admire the sunset.

You think that this is Blazhan – to go to a mustache, what was given, only in order to see how the sun hides behind the waves? Well, let it go further to Blazhly for you, and for millions of people all this has long turned into a ritual: just sit under a canopy or on the beach sand, drink a cocktail, look at the sunset that sits right in front of you, and listen to compilation in Chill-Out style performed by the best DJs and musicians of this genre under the noise of the sea surf ..

Music, Sea, Sunset and Cafe Del Mar

What do not say, but still life is beautiful in such an antourgezh.

And it all started in 1980, and maybe even earlier, when in Ibiza, in the city of San Antonio, local party teachrs started habit on the coast in the evening, admiring the sunset, gaining strength before the next night of Wild Raiva. Soon for these informal gatherings, three entrepreneurs opened the cafe, which was called simply "Cafe by the Sea". And in 91, the owners drew attention to the interesting DJ Jose Padilla, who played the chill house music, lounge, flamenco, blues, electric and the like. As a result, very relaxes were obtained.

People could not not like this place. In principle, the secret of Cafe Del Mar is very simple: in a series of insane dance parties, sometimes you want to rest a little, sometimes you need a kind of pre-party, which does not take a lot of strength, but will allow you to recover.

Who only did not play against the background of the local crimson sky – here they sang Morchiba, Massive Attack, Moby, Dab, De-Phazz, Hypnogaja – I just transferred my favorites … But all of them for more than 20 years they chase OED to the outstanding sun, playing not so many people How much the sunset is the main difference between Cafe Del Mar ..

Music, Sea, Sunset and Cafe Del Mar

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