Music lovers will receive a Schengen visa out of turn

Hungary not so long ago in the Schengen zone, and without following the example of many European countries, not a single visa center on the territory of Russia. As a result, to get a visa to Hungary have to be recorded on the submission of documents in a few weeks. Fortunately, the Hungarian consulate went to meet tourists who need a Schengen visa to go to Budapest and enjoy the music at the SziGet festival.

Sziget is the largest European music festival, one of the most vivid events of this kind in the world. SziGet leads its history in Budapest since 1993. Every year, his program makes up excellent musicians whose names will go around worldwide. In addition, guests of the festival awaits this year the mass of surprises, for example, a real Gypsy Tabor and training space center. In 2013, the SziGet festival will be held from 5 to 12 August.

Music lovers will receive a Schengen visa out of turn

Note that the nearest date, when you can submit documents to a Hungarian visa – August 22, but despite this, the Embassy of Hungary is now ready to accept applications from European music lovers in special mode. Thus, even those who have decided to go to the Sziget festival at the last moment will not be disappointed. To get a Schengen visa without queue to tourists, you need to provide a ticket to the Sziget festival, purchased on his name. Note that in this case the tourist can not book a hotel room for travel time.

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