Music Fountains El Cantausi

Musical and dancing fountains in El Cantaui are far from an enchanting show, like Dubai fountains, nothing grand and record not to see. However, this is a free attraction, which can be viewed at the same time with a visit to Hannibal Park, or after a busy day in the Aquapark of El Cantaui, or at a visit to the local MG store.

Where is and how to get

From the hotels of the resort area of ​​El Kantaui can be reached by taxi, the trip will be within 5 dinars. Actual course Look for in our review "Tunisian Dinar", Look prices for travel on the review "Tunis Taxi".

You can save and get on the minibus, the fare – 1 dinar per person. In this area, all the minibuses are passing by the port without exception, you only need to sit in the right direction. Read our review "Tunisian minibuses".

From the spa area of ​​Sousse, Susus can be reached by taxi. Will cost 5 to 12 dinars.

From the hotels of other resorts of Tunisia we do not see the point of riding. Get a long time and tedious, and El Cantaui fountains are not the most important and interesting attraction.

Fountains are located on a round area directly opposite the entrance to the port of El Cantaui. Square small – about 60 meters in diameter, fountains themselves – about 25 meters in diameter.

Right behind the fountains is the entrance to the Amusement Park Hannibal. See on the left map of the port of El Cantaui, where objects are interesting for tourists, click on the card to enlarge full screen.

Important moment! Taxi drivers are not very like to turn and bring tourists to the entrance to the port. Taxi drivers and drivers of minibuses stop near a large intersection, where there is a large LED screen of the Gunnibal Park (the screen does not always work), we have shown on the map with orange.

If you were brought in this place, go straight to the Hannibal Park, focus on the high rush of the ride "Free Fall". Pass through the amusement park, go to the fountains. The path on the map shows the red arrow.

Ticket price

Operating mode

Opening hours of fountains are constantly changing. In the photo on the right work schedule. The schedule is posted on the stand near the fountains from the side of the entrance to the port.

An interesting point is that the schedule is announced only for the period from July 1 to August 31, and this photo is done at the end of September. Schedule for September and then did not post, and the fountains at this time worked on a schedule: after half an hour after sunset and another hour. That is, guess the exact time was almost impossible.

Our advice: As soon as you arrive at the Port of El Cantaui, go to the fountains, see the schedule to come to the right time.

Where to watch the show

Almost all tourists look straight from the parapet, it is best to see. Take the place of the parapet in advance do not need, as the audience is not so much, there is always a place.

We want to warn that the parapet is made in the form of low columns with weakly stretched chains, it can be easily noticed in the dark and fall into the water. Watch out for children.

Music Fountains El Cantausi

Many tourists are located right on the lawn, getting stored sandbrokes or bought near MG beer. Drinking beer on the street in Tunisia is prohibited, but no one pays attention.

There are several cafes around, where does not really see anything about the viewers on the parapet. Pay for dinner with extra charge and not see fountains – dubious pleasure.

There are benches around there, and they are also not visible from them because of the viewers on the parapet. Shops need to occupy 15-20 minutes before the start of the show.

There are clearly positive moments

El Kantaui fountains worth praise for excellent sound quality and excellent selection of songs. Music together with water relaxes, forcing completely immersed in the spectacle. The peaceful area of ​​fountains and the noisy park Hannibal is only 20 meters away from each other, it is very interesting to contrast.

Useful advice

– If you decide to eat in one of the restaurants nearby, then be sure to try Tunisian dishes, here they are prepared at the highest level. About the best dishes read our detailed review "Tunisian cuisine";

– Near the entrance to the port there are some good souvenir shops with a wide range and acceptable (but not the lowest) prices. Also good shops and shops are inside the port. What to buy, read in our article "16 best gifts from Tunisia";

– We mentioned that there is a MG store nearby, in which all kinds of alcoholic beverages are available. Read about Tunisian alcohol and sales rules in our article "Alcohol in Tunisia".

Good entertainment in Tunisia, and read interesting articles about this country on our website (Links below).

Music Fountains El Cantausi

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