Music for spa – what is called and where to buy?

Who visited Thai massage salons or spa, knows about nice music with noise of nature. It causes nostalgic memories of beautiful days in Thailand. Such melodies can be used for meditation and relaxation. Of course, this collections are quite a lot, but only some of them reflect the highlight of Thailand.

Green Music for Relaxation

The musician and composer Chamras Sevatapon was born in Thailand on the shores of the Great River Chao Praia near the temple Prauna Svezavat in December 1955. The beauty of the murmur stream had a great influence on the growing boy, and the contemplation of the life of the temple taught a special philosophy, which Chamras seeks to express in each of its composition. Despite the difficult financial situation in the family, Chamras studied at the University of Chulalongcorn in the specialty of the engineer, and while studying at the restaurants and nightclubs as a musician. At that time, the young student did not think about all the charming magic of music. In 1976, he began to play in the group "Grand X", and in 1981 he began to write music and founded his own group "The Radio". Their debut album Nok Jao Phod Bin (Nok Jao Pho Bin, which is translated as "Farming bird") came out in 1982.

To date, Chamras is a very famous composer who wrote more than a thousand compositions, some of his magic songs became themes for Thai films. His soundtracks have repeatedly won prestigious Thai and Asian awards. In 1993, inspired by Buddhism, Chamras began writing music for relaxation and meditation. His music he tries to express the feelings and beauty of the surrounding world, which is stored only in his heart.

Famous music of Chamras Sevatapon You will definitely hear from spa centers or ordinary Thai massage salons. Some hotels use musician discs to create a special Thai atmosphere of calm. And some compositions you will hear on the famous Fantasea show on Phuket. I’ll tell you a little more about some of his albums.

One of the music albums for relaxation and meditation is called Morning (Morning). With these compositions, Chamras thanks nature for every morning, filled with the sounds of a wakeful rice field in the waiting of the peasants, for the rustling of foliage near the river, for a warm smile of mother and friendly bonds that do not break while he breathes.

The album of the life seasons (Season Of Life) compares three seasons in Thailand – the period of rain, summer and winter – with human life. The rainy season is childhood, because the child grows like young rice shoots, irrigated rain. Summer – a period of youth when sprouts are fighting for life, and winter is maturity, the period of wisdom, the time of the regression of energy.

The wind whisper (Whisper of the Wind) is the name of the album expressing the search for the meaning of life, it includes compositions that have become saunthracks to various Thai films.

If the three previous albums are weave the sounds of nature, piano and Thai musical instruments with an admixture of orchestral music, the album of the Lisa Song (Song of Leaf) describes the calm rustic life of Thailand using the piano sounds, by the way, these compositions are also pretty known in the country.

Album Music of the Chaoophraya River (Music of the Chaoophraya River) talks about the childhood of the composer, the sounds of Thai folk instruments are vividly painting the picture of the weekly and holidays of the famous river. I have these compositions associate with the royal barges in Chao Praia.

Music for Spa - Green Music, listen online, download Phuket guide

Nature sounds are presented in the album of the piano in the garden (Piano In The Garden): fluttering butterflies, iridescent dragonflies and aging birds.

I want to emphasize some albums. For example, in Christmas and New Year’s songs (Happy New Year & Christmas Songs) You will hear famous Thai and European compositions under the sounds of bamboo flutes, violins and strings of folk instruments: Sawasdee Pee Mai, Jingle Bells, Silent Night. Mom Album – Thoughtful Fairy (Mother Care Fairy Child) Suitable, both kids and their parents, melodic compositions are full of harmony and charm of Thai music.

Music for meditation (meditation) will help to look into yourself, see a huge world with wide fields, vast seas and endless expanses of the universe, feel the purity of mountain air, hear the singing of birds and see how the dew dries on the Rewa.

You can buy discs with music on Phuket Island in the CENTRAL Festival shopping center on the second floor. Look for a kiosk that in the first photo.

How to download free music for spa, see comments.

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