Music events and festivals

Travel to the edge of light. Ububa. Medvezhiegorsk

The next city on the way of our North Travel is UBBA. Enter the city swelling the outburned cows. Shining sunshine, the city looks very friendly. Read more →

car travels | Summer 2014

C MYXUH | Summer 2016

Festival in Gelendzhik

In Gelendzhik traditionally on the day of the navy passes a colorful presentation, called "Carnival on water". This event is unique and unforgettable. Read more →

Mikhailtula | Summer 2014

Buday Wine Festival

I want to believe that by the will of the case, and not specifically, the annual wine festival was held under the dates of our visit Budapest. Naturally, we could not miss this event. Read more →

SEWA7 | September 2015

Dancing and fashion in Bukhara

A special event for tourists, takes place in Lyabi Hauz – old Madrasa near the old and famous reservoir Bukhara. National dances and fashion demonstration go back. Read more →

Maksiq | Autumn 2015

Cultural Yaroslavl

Visit some musical and theater events that have passed in the city during the VI International Music Festival under the direction of Yuri Bashmet. Read more →

Tushinetc | May 2014

Kazantip, Mirny village

In the evening they decided to go to the venue of the festival Kazantip. Especially go from Evpatoria for about 30 minutes. Buildings on the site of the festival were slightly muffled, but generally quite interesting. Read more →

Music events and festivals

Sergey404 | June 2015

Daines over the Curonian Bay

On the folklore festival in Yodkrant, the Lithuanians were called us: "Jest Predlo┼żenije Pojechati V Kurskuju Dugu!". We understood everything right, and gathered at the Curonian Spit. Read more →

roman i darija | Summer 2015

Roast Finnish Summer. Ruisrock. or "Kiss My Turku"

Thunder of the festival, the powerful power of his deciblocked decisions, which flew from the sea coast and occupied the city. Ruisrock – Oldest Music Festival in Turku. Read more →

Sergey Mukhin | July 2014

Maryanovka. Malva paradise at the homeland of an outstanding tenor and.WITH.Kozlovsky

In Maryanovka there is a Memorial Museum – Manor and.WITH.Kozlovsky, which includes the Hut family Kozlovsky, a monument to an outstanding artist and the park. Read more →

Music events and festivals

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