Museums Zurich

Zurich, together with the suburb of Winterthur, belongs to the leading centers of Europe in terms of the number and significance of museums here.

The most famous of them is considered Kunsthaus, Often called the best gallery of Switzerland. It reflects the almost complete history of European art development for two millennia, and along with the main exposition, various temporary exhibitions are constantly held.

Immediately behind the station is located Swiss National Museum ( /), unmistakably recognizable in its pseudo-native building resembling lock. It accommodates an excellent (and very large, which is not always convenient) collection on the history of the country, religious art of the IX-XVI centuries, the history of people’s costume and toys, military history and archeology, as well as an exhibition of articles of decorative and applied industries.

A unique collection of exhibits – antique and medieval sculptures, as well as the canvas of the greatest artists of the world – can boast Emil Burle Foundation. In the meeting, you can see the work of El Greco, Rembrant, Goya, Tintoretto, Rubens, Monet, Mana, Degas, Pizarro, Van Gogh, Gauguen, Matisse and many other greatest painters.

Museum of Ritberg has a huge collection of Eastern and African art.

Museum of tin figures proud of a collection of almost 400 thousand ancient toys.

It is worth a visit also Archaeological Museum, Museum of constructive and concrete art, Museum of watch, Chocolate Museum and Modern Art Museum – And this is not a complete list of urban collections.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Museums Zurich

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Museums Zurich

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