Museums where they eat in principle

Food – it is not only for direct use, but also to admire it and even learn the history and culture of peoples, states and cities.

Therefore, today our review concerns delicacies worldwide museums.

Yes, I know that food is very quickly deteriorating, so I will immediately answer the question of the safety of exhibits. Most of them have to regularly change or sell. So keep such an institution – business cost.

Chocolate Museum

What do you think, where such an institution may be? In Switzerland? I’m not sure about that. But I know exactly what one of these "delicious" museums is located in Brussels, the second – in Barcelona, ​​where the mock of the city in miniature was made of chocolate. And the third is located in Lviv, in Ukraine.

Chocolate and museums

I think it’s not a complete list, too love in the world these sweets. But in all these institutions, visitors will talk about the history of the emergence, distribution and modification of this delicacy, ranging from the Aztec era and up to this day.

Museum of Hamon in Madrid

It is rather a store with a restaurant, rather than the museum, but there you can see a lot of interesting things. The most impressive range is, I mean, exposure – a variety of ham makes vegetarians fall into panic. What varieties there are only not!

There are affordable cheap products, and even the famous elite Hamon with black piglets, which were fed exclusively acromates. Most of all please in this museum affordable prices, because in our areas such a pork is considered a delicacy.

Museum of Cheese

Museums where they eat in principle

He is also not alone. The first institution is naturally, in Switzerland – this is the house of Cheese "Gruyer". And the second "shrine" is located in Quebec, in Canada. This is a cheese factory Bergeron family.

House of Cheese "Gruyer"

In Switzerland, visitors will show the process of damping in a full cycle during the production process – after all, part-time is also factory. Then we will get out to the exhibition hall and tell about the history of this product. Everything around can be touched, sniff and taste.

Cheese House, Switzerland

Canadian Bergeronov family went even further. Since this business is a matter of all their life, a whole family story, and not one generation, then the owners in addition to the sightseeing excursion demonstrate visitors photos, films and documents, which indicate the role of this family in the process of inquirying.

Still, it is good that some kind of dish characterizes the country even more than flags, hymns, monuments and leaders of the nation combined.

Museums where they eat in principle

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