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In Stockholm Over 75 museums and 100 art galleries – National Museum, Swedish National Portrait Gallery In the castle of GripSholm, Royal Treasury in the basements of the royal palace, Museum of National History, Modern Art Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Butterflies and Birds in Hagaparka, Museum of Science and Technology, Maritime Museum, Swedish Economic History Museum In the building of the Royal Mint Cabinet, Royal Arsenal (The oldest museum of the country), Gallery Til, National Museum of Ethnography and art Gallery "Lilyvals".

Close attention deserve Swedish graphics center, Jewish Museum, Museum of Ceramics, Museum of Biology With a magnificent panorama, Swedish architecture museum, original Almegren Silk Streed Plant Museum, Museum of toys, Botanical Garden Bergius With exotic greenhouse Edward Anderson, Langholmen Museum Prison, The only one in the world Museum of dance and theatre "House dance", International Puppet Theater Museum, Museum "Unibaken" (dedicated to the books of Astrid Lindgren), Museum of Antiquity of the Mediterranean and Middle East, Museum of Medicine History, Museum of music, Northern Museum, Postal Museum, Olson House Museum and the same gallery of contemporary art, Swedish Sport Museum, Museum of Strindberg, Museum of Telecommunications, Tobacco Museum In the building of the old tavern, Waxholm Museum-Fortress Coast Artillery, Historical Museum of Wine and Alcohol, Museum of the Royal Army, Historical estates Lefstst and Ninaas (XVII-XX centuries.), Palace Lako with a collection of Swedish art XVII in. and Palace Vadsten (XVI-XVII centuries.), and Museum-aquarium "Akvarya Water Mewsum" and etc.

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From St. Petersburg to Moscow. in Baltic. Stockholm: walking in the center

In Stockholm "Princess Anastasia" It costs 10 hours that for cruise concepts for quite a long time, and allows you to more or less to see everything scheduled. Read more →

Katerina Andreeva | Summer 2016

Vasa Ship Museum in Stockholm

This is the only preserved ship of the XVII century. 95% of the initial structural elements are preserved and therefore VASA is a kind of time machine. Read more →

Tushinetc | April 2014

Museums Stockholm

AvtoTur on Scandinavia. Sweden

Ferry came to the port at 6 am. Still very dark. While unloaded all the cars, you need to decide what to do. Still closed. It was decided to go to the city of Vadsten. Read more →

Hostikk | Winter 2016

To visit childhood. "Unibakken"

In Stockholm, a child, as a big fan of Scandinavian fairy tales, dragged us in "Unibakken". And correctly done. Childhood is much shorter than sometimes it seems to parents. Read more →

Trip to Stockholm

Came to the Wasa Museum. VASA is the only one in the world that has been preserved to this day ship XVII century. Due to the fact that more than 95 percent of the initial elements of the design are preserved, VASA is a unique artistic value. Read more →

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