Museums of Rome

Rome Museums and Exhibition Gallery are also included in the Treasury of World Culture. Gallery Borghese has an excellent collection of antique and baroque art, and in the complex with National Museum Villa-Julia (the largest collection of Etruscan art) and National Gallery of Contemporary Art (GNAM) forms one of Europe’s largest exhibition complexes. National Roman Museum It is a huge collection of archaeological items and finds uniting the Museums of Palazzo-Massimo-Alla-Terme (the most complete collection of ancient art, numismatics and ancient mosaics in the country, as well as antique sculptural works), Palazzo-Altemps (sculptural work from private collections), Terme Di-Diocleciano (assembly of antiquity and painting of the Renaissance era), as well as the Archaeological collection of Krypt-Balby. Located in two palaces (Palazzo-Nuovo and Palazzo dei Conservatory) Capitol Museums – This is a whole complex of picture galleries and exhibition halls with an excellent collection of ancient sculpture, mosaic and the work of the Renaissance.

The New Roman Museum of Contemporary Art Maxxi, also known as the National Museum of Art of the XXI Century – the first meeting of this kind in Italy, where the best samples of painting and architecture are presented at the same time. Open in early 2010, it is located at: Via Guido Reni, 4 A.

  • Gallery Borghese
  • Museums of Rome
  • Vatican Pinakotek
  • Palazzo-Nuovo
  • Church of Sakro-Kora del Supoffjio
  • Panorama of Vatican Museums

Also, the unique meetings of our time can include the complex Vatican museums (19 meetings, including famous Pinakotek and Library), Palazzo Barberini (National Gallery of Ancient Art – One of the best assemblies of icons, portraits and other works of great Masters of Renaissance), Museum Pio Clementino And the whole complex Belvedere Gallery, Museum of Palace Palazzo-Venice, Moseo del Risor (extensive exposition of work with the Renaissance before the beginning of XX.), National Museum of Castel Sant-Angelo Castle (Military and Art Museums), Gallery of modern art, Museum of the Sistine Capella and dozens of other unique collections. This should add many more private meetings and exhibitions, among which allocated Children’s museum Near Villa Borghese, City Museum in the palace of Kafarelli (archaeological finds from the XVI in. to N. NS. V B. N. NS.), small Antiquarian De San Prsk Museum in the church of the same name, National Institute Graphics (a huge collection dedicated to the history of printed business and design), Saint Giovanni Church Museum, Gallery Dolio Ramfili (one of the richest private collections of Italy), Art Gallery Palazzo-Corsini (painting XVI-XVII centuries.), Museum of Africa, original "Museum of the dead" Sacro-Kora-del Suffradjio church, Etruscan Museum and Museum of Anthropology, Museum of Astronomy In the Monte Mario Observatory, Museum Barako (Beautiful private assembly of ancient sculpture), Museum of wax sculptures Delle-Cher, Museum of electricity, Zoo museum, Museum of Jewish diaspora, Museum of Criminology and Museum of physics.

  • Exposition of the Vatican Museum
  • Gallery of contemporary art
  • Raphael Fresco in the Vatican Museum
  • Palazzo Barberini
  • Ceiling of the Sicstinsky Capella

The area also uses popularity Trastevere – peculiar "Alternative city center", Saturated with numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as monumental complex Vittorian (1911 G.) on Piazza-Venice with a memorial of an unknown soldier.

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