Museums of Lucerne

Alpineum (Alpineum) – Is a 3D panorama of the Alps. Located a museum near the sculpture of the dying lion.

The museum presents in 3D form the most beautiful mountain peaks of the country: Pilatus, Rigi, Jungfrau, Monte Rosa, Gornergrat, Breithorn, Matterhorn, Mont Blanc. You can enjoy the full effect of walking in the mountains without leaving the city center.

Opening hours Museum Alpineum: April-October 9: 00-12: 30 and 13: 30-18: 00. Winter Museum does not work.

Address Museum Alpineum: Denkmalstrasse 11. Tel. 041 410 40 64

You can walk to the mountaineeeum on foot from the station across the bridge and Lowenplatz (5 – 7 min) or buses 1, 22, 23 to Lowenplatz stop. From there by signs.

Ice Garden (Gletschergarten) – Museum created by nature itself. Was opened in 1872 and is a direct confirmation of the existence of the glacier in these places 20,000 years ago. Travel back in time will hold you from subtropical palm trees to the ice period tightened into ice, you will see shells and palm leaves whose age is about 20 million years. The exhibition is accompanied by various multimedia representations.

The museum is easy to find – it is located with near the sculpture of the dying lion and the mountaineer.

Opening Garden Opening hours: Apr-Oct. 9-18, November-March 10-17.

Ice Garden Address: Denkmalstrasse 4. Tel. 041 410 43 40

You can get to the ice garden from the station through the bridge and Lowenplatz (5 – 7 minutes) or buses 1, 22, 23 to Lowenplatz stop. From there by signs.

Freight ticket costs: Adults 12 CHF, Children 7 CHF, Children under 5 years old.

Panorama Burbaki – This is one of the biggest panamon paintings in Europe. The total area is slightly over a thousand square meters. Picture is closed around the central platform. Even the building was built specifically under this panorama. The canvas written in 1889 by Edward Castres and is devoted to the flight to Switzerland to restore the expiring blood of the French Army during the Franco-Penglish War of 1870-71.

Opening hours Panorama Bombaki: Daily 9-18.

Panorama of Bombaki: Lowenplatz 11. Tel. 041 412 30 30

You can get to Panorama Bombaki on foot from the station across the bridge and rightfully deep into the city to Lowenplatz Square (5 – 7 minutes) or buses 1, 22, 23 to Lowenplatz stop.

Ticket price Bombaki: Adults 8 CHF, Students and Pensioners 7 CHF, Children 5 CHF, Children under 6 years old.

Verkehrshaus Der Schweiz – Swiss Museum of Transport. This is one of the largest similar museums in Europe. There are several pavilions dedicated to air, railway, water and vehicles on a huge area. The most interesting will be a pavilion with trains, where you can visually trace the development history of railway transport in Switzerland and in the world.

The museum is focused on training, so in compensation of the high cost of the entrance ticket, you will have the opportunity to personally experience the feelings of the pilot of the aircraft in a special camera to simulate flights, or to participate in the crash test of the car, fully feeling the car’s impact strength with a wall at speed 40 km / h. In addition, a lot of explanatory installations, a barbecue, cognitive films and a restaurant will make a visit to the museum interesting to you and your child.

Opening hours of the Swiss Museum of Transport: Apr Oct 10-18, November-March 10-17.

Address of the Swiss Museum of Transport: Lidostrasse 5. Tel. 041 370 44 44

You can get to the Swiss Museum of Transportation from the station: go through the bridge and turn right, then go along the lake for 20 minutes, or buses 6, 8 or 24 before the Verkehrshaus stop.

Ticket price in the Swiss Museum of Transport: Adults 28 CHF, Students and Pensioners 22 CHF, Children 12 CHF.

Kunstmuseum – Museum of Art of Lucerne. The museum building was designed by the Paris architect Jean Nouvel. On the area of ​​more than 2100 square meters are presented as temporary expositions of the outstanding works of contemporary art and permanent collections, which are placed on the landscapes of the 19th and 20th century and international art from the 1960s.

Architectural simplicity and difficult work with light make every museum visit an unforgettable cultural event. With bridges connecting two parts of the museum, there is a stunning view of the city and the lake.

Opening hours of the Museum of Arts of Lucerne: W, Thu Sj: 10-17, Wed 10-20

Address of the Museum of Arts of Lucerne: EUROPAPLATZ 1. Tel. +41 41 226 78 00

Museums of Lucerne

Lucerne Museum is near the station.

Ticket price Museum of Arts of Lucerne: Adults 10-16 CHF, Students and Pensioners 8-12 CHF, Children 4-7 CHF.

SAMMLUNG ROSEGART Rosengart Collection and Picasso Museum. The museum is an exhibition of art objects, collected by the father and daughter Siegfried and Angela Rosengart, among which 8 were brushed Pablo Picasso Pastals on their 800-year anniversary (1 for every century). In addition, the Museum presents 125 panel of Paul Clee, 50 other works Picasso, as well as the Cezanna, Chagal, Kandinsky, Matisse, Mona, Pisarro, Renoara and other outstanding artists.

Moreover, more than 200 works of one of the best photographers Douglas Duncan, who became famous for their photos of World War II for LIFE magazine. He, including, made countless photos Pablo Picasso.

Opening hours of the Museum of Rosengart: November-March 11-17, April-October 10-18.

Address Museum Rosengart: Pilatusstrasse 10. Tel. +41 41 220 16 60

The Rosengart Museum is in a 3-minute walk from the station: when leaving it, without moving the bridge and without reaching it to him immediately turn left. It will be Pilatusstrsasse.

Ticket price at the Rosengart Museum: Adults 15 CHF, Students and Children from 7 years – 8 CHF.

Historisches Museum Luzern – Swiss History Museum. The museum building built in the 1560s was originally intended for weapon storage. In 1983, it was redone to the exhibition center for the art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Epoch. Museum presents art objects and handicraft crafts of Central Switzerland from 1600 to 1900. Among other exhibits are a gothic monument, which once rumped up on Wienerplatz in the city center (now there is a copy there). Temporary exhibitions are held on the top floor.

Opening hours of the Museum of Swiss History: Sun-5-17.

Address of the Swiss History Museum: Pfistergasse 24. Tel. +41 41 228 54 24

You can walk to the Swiss Museum you can walk – from the station without moving the river to turn left and go along the river almost to the second wooden bridge SpreumberBrucke (10-15 minutes). Transport – buses 2, 9, 12 and 18 to Kasernenplatz stop.

Ticket price at the Swiss Museum: Adults 10 CHF, Students and Pensioners 8 CHF, Children under 15 years old – free.

Museums of Lucerne

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