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The capital of Belarus, Minsk, may well be considered the city of museums. They are in the city dozens, and to visit at least half of them, you need to live here at least a couple of weeks. To facilitate the task for guests of the city, we will list the most interesting places that can be examined in one long, but very interesting walk.

Museum of People’s Architecture and Life

If you are interested in the traditions of Belarusian architecture, it is best to start our way outside the city where the open-air museum dedicated to the folk architecture is.

Schelchitsa. Museum of rural architecture and life

Here you can imbued with the national Belarusian flavor and plunge into the ancient life of Slavs.

Returning to the main part of Minsk, you can relax in Museum of the history of the Belarusian cinema. It can be how to see some film or retrospective, and find out all the smallest details of the development of this industry in the country.

Further art lovers are obliged to look into National Art Museum, in which hundreds of most important paintings and works of the art of Belarusian artists and sculptors are collected.

Historical museums

Walking along the independence prospectus, you can stop in Museum of the Great Patriotic War. It is located in a building no less original in style than the famous Minsk Library. In it, 11 exposures placed on the territory of 3 thousand square meters. One of the main raisins is a whole series of historical episodes supplied in the form of living scenes.

Military Historical Museum. Stalin Line

If this was not enough for you, you can still visit historical Museum, which is located in three buildings, and where you can personally see the most diverse items representing all the epochs of human society.

For the respite it is ideal for Museum of Brewing Outside Kiseleuva. Here you can watch the preparation of this drink, find out his story, and at the end of the excursion and skip a couple of glasses.

Museums Minsk

If you are planning to get into Botanical Garden, On the way, you can pinch into the tram-museum on a botanical street, within which the entire history of this romantic type of transport is presented.

We recommend the next stop to make the above-mentioned metropolitan library. It is located in it Museum of Book In which the number of exhibits has already reached 70 thousand, the main of them are the Gospel of Peter Mstislavts and the Bible of Francis Skorne, as well as about four hundred ancient manuscripts.

Museum of aviation technology

We go further and already on the other side of the city we find Museum of aviation technology, where you can see about thirty different aircraft and even climb into the cab. Extreme travelers have the opportunity to jump from here with parachute.

Museum of Valunov

You can finish the walk by visiting the unique museum of stones, in which more than two thousand boulders of various kinds, size and destination are collected. After examining all the exhibits, you can also arrange a picnic.

This is not a complete list of interesting Museums of Minsk, but it is for the better, because it gives guests a city for a reason to come here again to add their impressions about the capital of Belarus.

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