Museums Krakow

Krakow Museums deserve special attention. In the area of ​​the market in the former trade ranks, Sukenitsa is located Art Gallery of the National Museum of Krakow, and in the church of St. Wojca (X-XI centuries.) – Exposition of the Archaeological Museum, Decode Market Square. Nearby – Tower of the City Hall with branch of the city historical museum.

Worth to visit Charport Museum on the street. Yana (one of the oldest in Poland), Yana Mateyko House Museum (Apartment and Atelier outstanding Polish artist), Historical Museum Krakow, Exhibition of weapons, Archaeological Museum, Gallery of Polish Painting and Sculpture of the XIX century in Sukenitsa, Museum of Jagiellon University, Museum of Judaism, Center for Japanese Art and Technology "Mangha", Tower of Town Hall, Theatrical gallery v "House under the cross", gallery "Celettat", Museum of Shedvrov on the street. Canonich, Ethnographical museum on the street. Volga, Museum of Nature on the street. St. Sebastian, Museum of People’s Memory "Pharmacy Under Eagle" on the square of heroes ghetto, Museum of Polish Aviation On the Alley of John Paul II and many others.

Reviews and studies of trips

our travel to Poland

our Pole recognizes from afar, and how about the opposite, or the journey of the ours to Poland. In Polish cities: Gdansk, Malbork, Sopot, as well as Krakow and Auschwitim. Read more →

shym v yshah | Summer 2015

Krakow. Museum of Engineering Thoughts

In Krakow district, Kazimierz is a museum of engineering thought, which exposed cars, motorcycles, trams, typographical equipment and other diverse exhibits. Read more →

SEWA7 | Spring 2015

Krakow. Ghetto. Schindler factory

Krakow ghetto was in the area of ​​the pod. The purpose of the creation is the separation of suitable work from those who subsequently subject to destruction. 15 thousand. Jews from Kazimage were placed there. Read more →

Museums Krakow

SEWA7 | Spring 2015

Watch krakow in one day for free and what to do then

Krakow belongs to shook gloss before departure, stay for one day and go further in "Present" Europe. I want to tell how to see the city in one day and what to do then read more →

grishasergei | August 2012

Auschwitz. Auschwitz Birkenaau concentration camp

Bz Krakow in the open-air museum Auschwitz regularly walks the bus that brings passengers to the entrance to the camp. Entrance to the territory of the museum is free. Read more →

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